Top 5 Coolest New Tech

5)Route planning technology

Using smart route planners you can save gas, save the environment and save money!

4) Google fiber

Must be the fastest internet out there… A must have for all internet junkie…

3) Oculus Rift

I’m still hoping Facebook won’t ruined the Rift… I love it and want it so badly! In my opinion, this is going to be the next gen of gaming.

If blogs talk about the power of video, imagine the power of 3D video… I guess commercial will never look the same again.

2) 3D Printing

The ability to produce all you need with your home printer… The future is here and it is going to be amazing…

I wonder how cooking going to look like in a couple of years.

1) Google Glass

The most talked about gadget! Many want it, other are afraid of it, but all and all, this is the most buzzed product out there.

I hope the law will protect our privacy, because this kind of technology can do more bad then good, in case of abuse.


Hope you liked it. Will keep you updated…



Hackathon Attempts To Show How “Yo” Can Grow


“The something-like-a-phenomenon app of the moment,¬†Yo, held a hackathon today in San Francisco in an attempt to prove that there can be more to Yo than just the Yo, yo…”

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How Video Testimonials Can Benefit Your Business – Best for those who have a blog, internet based clients and websites.

How Video Testimonials Can Benefit Your Business

We are living inside the Internet and it has became known that Video is the most consumed form of information out there. More and more individuals and companies are using video content to drive clients and potential market to their direction. We all know Fiverr, where you can purchase almost anything for 5$ starting from web designs to even writing articles, and I read this article about the power of video testimonials, A must read to anyone that has a blog, company or YouTube channel.