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Sony SmartWatch 3 The New Generation of Smart Technology



For those of you technology enthusiast, seems to be increasingly spoiled by the presence newest smartwatch output from Sony, the design features a stainless steel which was given the title SmartWatch3, Sony Corporation developed the concept of wearable devices, as well as a prototype headset with multi-sensor waterproof, smart wearable technology developed in SmartWtach3 products combined with elegant design make a beautiful and functional product. More details about this SmartWatch3  of which can operate on its own without depending on android smartphone, and also comes with a music player, smart sensor technology and unique innate GPS sensor

By displaying 320×320 Transflective TFT LCD screen 1.6 inch high visibility supported under the sun and water resistant. SmartWatch3 also comes with a cradle that allows the user to change the strap watches of SmartWatch3 with a standard 24mm. with four color options “white, red, green, and black more complete display appears SmartWatch3 be contemporary with premium taste

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