Apple’s Gold watch is actually a bad sign

I know there is quite a buzz running around apples watch and everybody seems to really want to have one. but when a big company markets a product for high class sectors it is actually a bad sign.

You see when there is a big success, like the Iphone or the Ipad you didn’t need to coat it in gold in order to attract attention. It’s simply because it’s a product of the masses and this makes the largest sector of buyers in any case.

This video is one of many that actually not make it quite sure if it’s really worth to pay $17,000 for. you see people pay a lot of money for luxury watches because they are luxury watches.

Apples watch as much as it wants to be a fashion item is still a gadget before anything else. and Apple is desperate to use the oldest trick in the book and make celebs and rich folks adopt it as their next luxury fashion item.

Wake up guys, this is not a Rolex or patek phillipe. it’s just an iwatch. so I don’t know if this was the best move from them to make. but one thing is for sure. they did release the first wearable computer to the market.

This will open the door to many other vendors to display the next technologies to the market and shape the market. this was always something apple was good at. smartphones took off right after the release of the first iphone.

It was simply what everyone wanted but didn’t know it yet 🙂

I won’t be getting an apple watch this year. the idea of having all of my apps tapping my wrist sounds more neurotic than having an iphone which is more distracting than enough. so anyway if you are after the watch the rumors are in any case that you better wait for the next version.

Since all the critics and reviews point there.

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