Will Windows 10 be a Nightmare like Windows 8

Reputable critics all agree that  Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is a usability nightmare which does nothing but ‘strangle worker’s productivity’. Windows 8 was introduced as a solution to the increasing demand for mobile devices, but most users detest it simply because its tablet-like design and controls haven’t been a good fit for keyboard- and mouse users. Now with Windows 10, Microsoft is trying to appease PC users but at the same time still be reaching out to those who go for touch-screen smartphones and tablets.

windows 10

Windows 10 a Mix of the Old and the New

Windows 10 is an effort to please everyone. It will be blend of the old and the new and will take some controls from older Windows systems such as the much wanted Start Menu. Now with trying to please everyone, the start button will also open a series of tiles which are similar to what Windows 8 has. Microsoft wanted to assure users that the new software would be offering the familiarity of Windows 7, but with some of the few benefits that actually do exist in Windows 8.

a little bit of both
Windows may well be the most widely used PC operating system in the world, but because of the likes of Windows 8, it has lost ground to seemingly better operating systems such as Apple and  Google, and Microsoft wants to create a system that can run on all devices.

Windows 8 Has been Slammed from all Sides
Jakob Nielsen, one of the world’s most renowned web usability experts has slammed Windows 8 as well and to add to this it has been found that Windows 8’s market share also fell towards the end of September 2014. Even people who are totally computer literate battle with it.  One of the biggest problems that Nielsen addresses is that the fact that Windows 8 has two different interfaces on a single device sets Windows 8 up for disaster. The reason for this is that the 2 environments work differently so you have an inconsistent user experience and users have to remember where to go for which features.


One of the most pathetic things with Windows 8 for instance is that the only way to close apps in Windows 8 is through Task Manager. So you would expect to see a close-button with Windows 10. There is no way to switch between currently-running apps and if you want to alternate between two apps, its not possible. For instance if you have 10 apps open, you will need to flick left 10 times to arrive back at the beginning. With Windows 8, the desktop has been relegated to the side-lines for the UI (User Interface) which is designed to be used with touchscreens but also with a mouse and keyboard.

The Return of the Start Menu

With Windows 10 following Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to fix one of its most pathetic mistakes with Windows 8, and that is the missing Start Menu. Users have been rightfully bleating for the Start Menu since it disappeared in Windows 8. With the start menu back, users have been looking out to see what else has changed for the better. One thing that has improved with Windows 10 is virtual desktops. It’s not a new feature but rather a renovated feature that enables you to use Virtual Desktop manager to work with 4 different virtual desktops.

Moving Forward with Better Security

Microsoft is claiming that Windows 10 is better in many ways, and although the current version is known as Windows 8, Microsoft says by bringing out Windows 10 it is emphasizing its efforts to keep moving forward. One area they reckon is better is that Windows 10 comes with the best security ever. Oliver Niehus, a Microsoft Principal Application Development Manager for Windows and Security, listed one or two features on the security side with Windows 10. Microsoft’s corporate VP of trustworthy computing, Scott Charney has also spoken about new features that will help with keeping a Windows 10 PC safer such as Device Guard, Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport.
Windows 10 will also make it more difficult for sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands because the means to open files will be linked to user accounts at a file level, and this means that the protection follows a file everywhere.

All Devices onto One Platform

Microsoft is also claiming that Windows 10 will run on all tablets, phones, Windows PCs and laptops and Windows 10 apps will also work across all of these devices.   When all is said and done, it will appear that the direction that Windows 10 is taking looks like it will be an improvement on Windows 8 and perhaps be good news for businesses that are relying on Microsoft to enable them to get all their tablets, computers and other devices onto one platform.


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