Samsung Gear S Review

Samsung has been putting forth a lot of effort in the last several years to come out with smart watches that are ahead of the curve. Apple and Google, just to name two large competitors, have both come out with smart watches that have their own unique functions and software. The Samsung Gear S is the latest Samsung smart watch and has started a revolutionary path. Smart watches pair with phones and act largely as phone accessories.


You can answer phone calls, text messages, and basically do anything else you would normally do on your phone with the watch without ever taking the phone out of your pocket. The watch could not stand alone though. It depended entirely on its connection to the phone. The Samsung Gear S is the first smart watch to have its own Wi-Fi and 3G settings to exist as its own entity.

The Gear does not need to be within a range of the phone, but it doesn’t quite make it on its own. Many of the apps and functions on the watch require that it be paired with the Samsung cell phone. While the phone is a step in the right direction, it is not quite what customers were promised.


The Samsung Gear S is a curved touch screen that is about two inches in area. This screen is rather large for a wrist watch and causes many people to think that while it is stylish, it is also obtrusive. The size of the screen, however, it more convenient for pressing buttons and is more comfortable to look at than smaller screens.

Samsung-Gear-S-–-Official-Introduction-1The curved screen wraps with the contour of the arm for comfort. The watch comes with a flexible sport band that is made of plastic and can come in many different colors. In fact, the base of the watch can be removed from the band and the band can be replaced. This allows for maximum customization and is convenient for many people.


The smart watch comes with many exciting features, although not as many as Android competitors. The watch with built with Samsung Tizen software and is specially equipped with Gear-specific apps. The screen is vivid and colorful and pleasing to the eyes.

You can choose from a variety of watch faces for the sleep-mode screen that will look absolutely stunning and impress all of your friends. On the watch you can do many things like make and answer phone calls, send text messages, check your e-mail, and surf the internet.


The Samsung Gear S is longer that previous Gear models but still supports some of the same apps. Because of this, the apps can sometimes be distorted to fill the screen. This problem will probably soon be fixed though as the older versions of the watch fade out with time. The Samsung Gear S also has voice recognition software so that you can use voice commands to perform functions.

The Gear S allows you to answer phone calls hands free and talk through the watch via speakerphone. The watch is also highly compatible with several fitness programs that help you monitor your fitness and your health in a variety of ways.


Samsung is proud that this watch can stand alone with being paired to a cell phone like all other smart watches. While the watch does have its own separate data plan and can support phone calls and text messages without the aid of your cell phone, the watch is limited in most other stand-alone features. The watch will not receive social media notifications when it is not paired.  Another downfall of the watch is that is has a very limited app ecosystem.


Apps add most of the interesting features to the watch, and most of them need support from the cell phone to work properly. The environment for the watch is simply just not highly developed.

The Samsung Gear S is a revolutionary smart phone that certainly has many exciting features. It’s attractive look and fell will certainly satisfy your need to look cool at the office and it’s ease and convenience will certainly please you. Phone calls and text messages are now a breeze on your wrist. The watch, however, is simply not what it was promised to be since its “revolutionary” stand-alone features are slim.

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