Why The World Should Stop Using Paper?

 Put an end to the use of paper. This is what we have been saying for so many years now. But nobody has taken the initiative from within. And the very idea of making the world ‘a better place to live,’ by reducing paper waste has only remained to be a “slogan.”


With the advent of new technologies, like mobile phones and laptops, and of course lot of free apps to communicate, many people presumed that finally we are going to see dawn of a new era, “a paper-free era.” But, unfortunately, nothing of that sort happened. Instead, the reverse of it has happened. With the ever increasing technology and fierce competition, the rates of printers have come down, leading to even more consumption of paper.

I personally do not like to use paper when I am doing my project work and do not like to go through the heaps of junk to locate what I am looking for either. I do not like removing all those stacks of paper files away when a colleague of mine comes in to meet me at my desk. In fact, I would love to keep track of all of my office work, scheduled meetings, presentations, etc in my digital note keeper. I have been maintaining a paper-free life for over a year now and so can you!


In addition to the above, there are a lot of advantages of going paper-free. Some of them are mentioned below:

Advantages of going paper-free:

  • You can save a lot of trees and this could be the most important point of going paper-free. Remember that we cannot survive without trees. They are the gifts of Mother Nature and one should learn to respect them.
  • You can reduce the visual clutter by heaps and bounds
  • If you are a messy worker, using less or no paper at all, will definitely help you look less messy and more organized
  • You will not miss your scheduled meetings, a get together or even worse, your wedding anniversary, just because the sticky note that you have stuck on your cupboard, did not stick well!
  • You can save a lot of money for yourself which otherwise might be spent on buying paper, ink, pens and not to mention, the toners in the long run.
  • You can make your office and home look spacious, beautiful and more importantly, organized
  • Yore trips to the recycling bin will get fewer, saving you a lot of time in the long run
  • You can save a lot on rent, as you no longer need a huge office space to stack all those unwanted files that have been lying everywhere for eternity
  • You can save a lot on furniture such as cupboards, desks and drawers as you no longer have much paper work to stuff in them.

The Transition

I understand that making a complete transition immediately is impossible for anyone. But, at least one has to take a step forward, and then slowly the whole transition takes place. I also understand that a few people hate going digital just because they are old fashioned or they are digital novices. This can be changed.


Going digital with your office work or business is no rocket science. Start slowly. For example, you can scan all your office documents and keep them in a folder on your iPod or laptop. Once it’s done, discard all those documents. Go on repeating the procedure until there is a little or no paper work in the office.


It might sound a bit difficult for the starters, but it is not definitely complicated. I have done it myself, and I suggest you do it too. In our quest to give our children a better place to live, it is only fair that we ourselves take the first step forward towards paper-free world and the rest are bound to follow. Wishing all of us a paper-free future!


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