My Summer Vacation This Time – Bali!

In the west of the most famous Lesser Sunda Islands is the wonderful island called “Bali”. It has all those amazing tourist spots, mouthwatering cuisines, and beautiful people. It is located in India and between Lombok and Java. The country has around 17,000 islands with a 200 million population. It possesses 400 volcanoes, wherein some are dormant and some are not. Out of the 400 volcanoes, it has been found that almost 70 of the volcanoes are still active.


Indonesian and Balinese are the primary languages which its people use to convey their thoughts and ideas. But, there is nothing to worry about, English serves as their third common language and which is heavily used for purposes of trade and other commercial purposes. Although most of the people in Bali are either Muslim or Hindu, there are also numerous numbers of people who believe in the religion of Buddhism and Christianity.


Because of the temples, dance, music, leather, art, painting, and the beautiful rice terraces, several people come into this island to witness its amazing culture and environment. Tourists from all phases of the world come into this island to relax and enjoy their day. Due to this awe, Bali was also crowned as one of the most popular Indonesian commercial places.

The Paradise Fruits Of Bali

Most fruits in this island has natural and has never been sprayed with noxious or health hazard chemicals. The island has this Hylocereus or commonly known as the Dragon Fruit in some Asian countries, a Manggis (also known as the Mangosteen), the infamous durian, numerous coconuts, bananas, guava, and rambutan (the native name for hairy lichees).


Other Tourist Spots

Bali has numerous spas within its vicinity. The spas The Laguna and St. Regis Bali Resort are spa resorts which have received top awards from the 2015 World Luxury Resort Spa. The St. Regis Bali Resort was also named as the Global Winner of the Best Luxury Boutique Spa while The Laguna was named the Country Winner for Best Luxury Resort Spa.


Bali also has these breathtaking beaches such as Virgin Beach Bali (also known as the White Sand Beach), Tulamben Beach, TanjungBenoa Beach, Lembongan Beach Bali, Amed Beach, Mengiat Beach (located in the YasaSegara café area), Geger Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, Kedonganan Beach Resort, Beach at the Hyatt Sanur area, and other incredible beaches.


With regards to their cuisines, there mouthwatering dishes will surely give you a taste you have not yet experienced. The Balinese cuisines are famous for having rice along with their dishes and the foods are mostly added with different spices and other seasonings.


Bali can be very fascinating in so many aspects; this is why I want to spend my summer vacation there. It only has coastal tracks which makes it more exciting. The entire Bali is enclose with different and beautiful coral reefs and the beaches have black sand in the west and north while white sand in the south. Bali has the perfect environment for my summer vacation.

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