NOD32 Is The Best Antivirus In My Opinion

When I had my computer back, I wanted to have the best antivirus software so I conducted a research and found out that one of the best antivirus is the ESET NOD32 Antivirus, otherwise known as the NOD32. I purchased it and installed it on my computer. Until now, it functions more than what I expected. This is why I consider this type of antivirus as the best antivirus among the rest.


All About NOD32

The antivirus is made by the Slovak company named ESET. The company has been providing the people the possibilities to enjoy their technology in a safe way for 25 years now. The ESET NOD32 Antivirus was released and sold in 2 editions such as the Business Edition and the Home Edition. The Business edition has the capability to allow server management and deployment, install Microsoft Windows Server OS, and mirror the database updates on threats.


NemocnicanaOkrajiDisku is the acronym of the famous NOD32 and it stands for ‘Hospital at the end of the disk’. The person responsible for this name got this idea from a Czechoslovak medical drama series which is entitled as the “Hospital at the end of the city”. NOD-ICE was the very first version of NOD32 and it was only a DOS-based program. In 1987, it was created by Peter Paško and MiroslavTrnka during the time when viruses in the computer started to rampantly increase and hard to control in computers running in DOS. Because of the limitations found in the operating system, the software did not feature any protection that is on-access or on-demand. Not even the features of the current versions were made available.

Because of the rapid increase of the Windows environment in the world market, there was an increase in the need for software’s like the antivirus. Thus, the original program, which is the NOD-ICE, was rewritten or restructured to comply with the world’s standard. The company began from scratch and made the right antivirus that can support every concern when it comes to malware. It was named as NOD32 in order to give emphasis on the radical change from the previous version. The antivirus was also made to be compatible with 32-bit CPU and Windows.


The program has gained its popularity in the Eastern European countries because of the vast interest in the field of Information Technology and because ESET was primarily based in Slovakia. In June 25, 2014, the ESET Company reached about 10000th virus definitions update.


NOD32 never slows my computer down and it protects it from viruses perfectly. It can be very light on the computer hardware, but detects malware as hard as it can. The NOD32 is the award-winning technology of ESET because of its cutting edge security. The antivirus can be updated day in and day out in order to provide the computer the security it can get.


The program can block URLs with malware-host and thus, thoroughly securing your computer from harm. It even possesses a phishing protection for additional safety. The social media scanner of the ESET NOD32 helps and automatically gives warning to the user if it finds dangerous links found on any Facebook page. Another best feature is that the program includes training on interactive online cyber security.

Also, ESET asks a confirmation from the user before it removes the potentially unwanted applications that are less-risky compared to others. It is also great because the files are being detected by a heuristic analysis instead of detection it by signature.


The ESET NOD32 has an important feature which is the Threat sense scanning engine because through this feature, it shields the computer from any malicious codes and proactively blocks Trojans, rootkits, worms, and spyware that are the cause for your computer to slow down.

Aside from those features, it is also important to consider the company’s support services. The ESET NOD32 has a very reliable and accommodating support service center in their website which answers every concern as soon as they get it. The company has an industry-leading and free customer support services. The ones who entertain you are not just some normal employees; they are ESET professionals who are locally employed to be at your service.


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