Leave Your Smartphone At Home

Despite the busy schedule and loads of work you have to do, it is always best to have a time off your schedule and enjoy the remaining time to yourself and your self alone. Do not be disturbed by the ring of your smartphone, notifications in your Facebook account, and emails from your boss or other colleagues. Look for some place you can relax even just for a 30-minute break. And the best way to fulfill this relaxation moment is to leave your smartphone be. Take note of everything you have to do or things you need to do something important and just leave your smartphone at home.


Although many people get lost if they don’t have their smartphones along with them, you should be an exception to today’s world. Train yourself to leave a day without smart phones. Leaving home without your smartphone can contribute to a whole lot of positive effects in your life.


The most important advantage when you leave your smartphones at home is that it can give you the opportunity to focus on what you are doing. You can concentrate on your work, reflect on the things you have done, and talk to your friends with all ears. Without your smartphone, the opportunity to think and relate to someone else exists because your attention is not diverted by the things that are going on in your phone.


Also, you will be able to relax and think for a moment all of the things you have done for the past few days, weeks, months, or years. You will have that opportunity to reunite yourself with your past and remember all the fun things you have made without the existence of a smartphone.

Avoiding from smartphones once a day in a week can even contribute a positive effect to your health. It can decrease problems caused by infrared and radiation. It can also decrease the elements of stress and frustrations you are facing in your day to day life.

It will also help you train yourself to rely on notes and maps when you are travelling. In this way, when you lose your smartphone, you will not have a hard time getting back to the place you were before. It will push you to learn something on your own. The harder you achieve something the longer you will remember it. Thus, when you find it hard doing something and succeed it, you will be able to remember it for as long as you can. Unlike the stuffs you learn when you are just searching it in the web. You will be more independent than you can ever think of.


There are times when a person just needs to disconnect himself from the busy life he has, but it is because of the smartphones that makes it hard for them to disconnect. For those who are fond of doing their own way without the help of a smartphone find it easier to reconnect themselves with either the environment or the people that surrounds them. Leave your smartphones be and live your life the way you want it!

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