Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success

The first time a baby tries to walk, most likely he will fall down. No one in this world has learned how to walk without falling. Each and every human being has encountered failure when he was just a baby. Failures have played a vital role in our daily lives.


Failures, as well as, success come hand in hand in the daily routine of every individual. While failure only gives a person depression and discouragements; success, on the other hand, gives and individual a sense of pride and joy. No person should ever forget that in the battles of life, failures come into the picture. In this case, every person must never give up or should never lose hope because it is only an obstacle. A human being is never perfect. He often stumbles into the gravel, fall off the building, or experience different kinds of downfall in life. Failures never appear to be good, it always appears as something unpleasant and can sometimes tear a person apart. But the ones who turn itinto something positive and know how to make use of it can work magic. It is just a matter of turning those negative effects into a positive one.

Failures As The Best Teacher

People say that experience is the best teacher. When in truth and in fact, it is the failures you experience that makes a person learn. It is because of failures that a person learns that a certain act can harm another person, or can injure something which cannot be replaced. Each time a person experience failure, he learns some lesson out of it. He will sooner come to realize the basic reason of the failure he has committed. In the next encounter, he will guard himself in committing the same old mistake he had committed before.


What makes our way to success easy and smooth is the experience we have gained every time we commit these failures. If you give up every time you encounter a failure in life, you remain to be a loser. Although you possess the appropriate skill or the necessary strength in achieving this obstacle, you are still a loser when you give in to failure. Every failure gives the person a more opportunity to realize something wonderful. It should not be seen as an inefficiency or loss of a person because without this, nothing is achieved.

Successful People Who Have Conquered Failures

If an individual, armed and prepared thoroughly with the experiences of failures picks up strength, courage, and keeps on going to his destination, success will exist. No one should be ashamed of their failures.


Everyone seeks for the perfect success in life, but only a few of those people get lucky and manage to prolong their success. Hard work is needed in order to achieve your success. When you experience failure, learn how to overcome it and make it as your strength. It is noteworthy to mention the different people who have been successful despite their countless failures.

  • Thomas Edison – the person responsible for inventing the lamp has failed around 700 times before he gets it right. “I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work,” this was his famous quote that have influenced a lot of people until today.
  • King Bruce of Scotland – he fought for the freedom of Scotland. Although he has experienced a lot of downfalls, he never bothered to quit or give up on his people. Because of his perseverance and hard work, he managed to free his people.
  • Michael Jordan – the famous basketball player was even cut from his basketball team at school.
  • Steve Jobs – maker of Apple was fired from his very own company.
  • Abraham Lincoln – the famous President of the United States of America lost 8 elections before he became president.
  • Henry Ford – he never experienced an instant success. His early business has failed and left him 5 times broke before the Ford Motor Company became successful.

According to the renowned American inventor, philosopher, and architect, “Whatever humans have learned had to be learned as a consequence only of trial and error experience. Humans have learned only through mistakes.”


Failures make every person vigilant and bold. It makes a coward and the weak strong and gives a brave man with the right enthusiasm and vigor. It gives every person a chance to improve himself in order to face every obstacle with cheerfulness and pride.

Although defeat or failure is never easy to swallow or digest, the worst feeling is to face the fact that you are failing in your work which you have been working on for a lot days. Failure can leave a person depressed, miserable, and bitter, but it can turn him upside down if taken seriously and correctly.

Success and failures are relative which can never be taken apart. Failure provides experience that will soon lead to success if correctly dealt with. It is a stepping stone towards the famous success that everyone is trying to achieve. Also, it is important that the causes of your failures must be realized and studied. In this way, you can figure out a way not to commit the same mistakes. Thus, failure never served as a hindrance or obstacle in your life, it serves as a good help in realizing your mistakes to have a perfect success.


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