Fruityloops Review

FruityLoops, commonly known as the FL Studio, is a workstation on a digital audio perspective which was developed in Belgium by the Image-Line Belgian Company. It can feature an interface which makes use of a graphical user. It is patterned with a music sequencer. Also, it is made available to Microsoft Windows users.


The Belgian company offers a free update on the FL Studio program which only gives us the idea that the customer service of this company is superb. The company also develops a FL Studio Mobile in order for the program to be available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices.


The company now has the best and top music production software ever invented. You can do a lot of things in this software. It may not be user friendly at first or may not be easy to use in the beginning, but ones you’ll get a hang of it, there is a greater possibility that you will hold on to it as hard as you can. The FL Studio is a complex program and it takes perseverance and patience in order to fully understand its use.

What makes it different from other software is its unique structure. The FL Studio software has a recording or sequencer program for all individuals who are fond of old-patterned sequencers. This program can make your life easy. It can easily build up or compose a song structure and change the details at the same time. FruityLoops can offer you more than what you are expecting.

For those whose interest is focused more on the mixing of pattern lines with a straight and tape like approach, this software is the best for you.


FruityLoops is a combination of loop generator, synthesizer editor, and drum machine. It does a lot of work for the user, making it easier for the latter to work on other important things. The software has: Piano editing, directX effects and support for VST, screen is adjustable to the user, loopable instrument wav files, samples, synthesizer, and drums, and a multiple configuration for the options.


When your exposure to synthesizer-based and electronic music is very rampant or have been limited, this software can serve whatever you need.



The FL Studio can support direct-sound and Asio drivers. You have the option whether to use your card which is built into your computer or you can buy a soundcardwith drivers. Use the Asio drivers if you want to record an audio.


Just download the file from the fruityloops site into your desktop or laptop. The program contains a self-executable file which makes it even easier for you to install. No rebooting is required, just double click the file and it will install itself. Image Line has decided that an original download of 46 Mbyte big should be made in order to ease the problems and time of the users. Additional food for your FL studio can be downloaded at the homepage of the company.


The software has a TS – 404 functionality which makes it more flexible to users. Once the FL Studio is being played, you can still record the different movements of the knobs and dials. The things you have edited are being stored in the program, in this way, when you change your mind you can just look for it and there is no need of repeating.



The software comes with an awesome set of synthesizer samples, drum files, and wave files preset to satisfy your needs when it comes to its audio. What makes the program so musical to the user is the combination of the ability to import the different wave samples and other lists you have in mind. Because of its piano editor, the melodies that you want to include can be very well created with a wide array of instruments which are made available to the program. The effects, chords, and harmonies of the music can be combined to form into a beautiful and breathtaking musical piece.


The program also offers a sweet 8 effects which include Fruity Center, Fruity Reeverb, and the most important Fruity Phase Inverter. if you also learn the basics of sound mastering you can easily generate sound with an extremely high finish.

With the existence of FL Studio, a very catchy and childish audio clip for a birthday party or any child party can be made in just a span of 1 hour or two. The process in making this audio clip is very efficient and can give you a lot of time doing something which is more important than just waiting for things to finish. For those musicians who are normally or usually being hired to make jingles and other audios, this software can be of great help.

The only downside with regards to this software is that there are some intermissions while you are recording. But bear in mind that nothing is perfect, there will always be advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is that the advantages should outweigh the disadvantages.

In a gist, the software is so flexible that it can work some of the jobs you needed to perform. It is easy to use when you get the hang of it and it can surely make great loops in your recording. It is very much capable of generating the different musical pieces from the imported wave samples or the original melodies. Because it can directly import certain wave files into your recording, you will be able to attain a very high quality audio. Nothing is better than FL studio. It can make almost anything with only less effort being exerted.


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