Time For Some Facebook “Friends” DETOX

Are you getting tired of all those annoying posts on your wall or those invitations which do not interest you at all? If the answer is yes, then you should probably undergo a Facebook detox. Yes! Time has changed now. It’s not only your body that needs to have a detox session, your Facebook account, is in no doubt, needs it.


Questions For Elimination

If you are bold enough, you have to clean these people out of your account and you will soon realize how amazing and worry-feel it would feel without those silly posts and invitations. Here are set of questions which can help you determine whether you have to unfriend someone or not.

  1. Do you know the person? If no, unfriend.
  2. When was the last time you spoke to this person? If the answer is for more than 3 years, unfriend.
  3. Do you intend to meet this person once in the next 3 months or as soon as possible? If the answer is no, unfriend.

Why Undergo A Detox Session

You are living the life in the present. When your Facebook account is open 24/7 and there are so many notifications or postings on your wall, you have this urge to check it every time it beeps. Once you are caught up with this habit, although you are socializing with your friends, you will still likely become an anti-social in the real world. You don’t get to do physical things because all you do is lie down and scroll through those postings. Also, the time you spend updating your status or checking your account will only take much of your time. Thus, giving lesser time with the ones you love.


Some people even said that they lessen their use of Facebook because they don’t get the time to look for the right and important things. It is made by most people as an excuse to disregard themselves and their happiness. They no longer have the time to reflect and think about something which truly matters to them.

Facebook also lets you hang on with those old memories. Although it is sometimes good to reminisce the past, what matters most is the present and the future. You need to experience more and learn from the happenings you will soon encounter.

Although having a Facebook detox can be very challenging, especially when you are the kind of person who does not normally unfriend people, limiting your Facebook friends won’t do you any harm. They can always add you back every time you get the chance to encounter and experience one another’s company.

Aside from the reasons stated above in order for you to have or undergo a Facebook detox, you need to give yourself this so called session in order to protect yourself. There are so many news reports nowadays that individuals become subjects of a crime because of negligent acceptance of friends or posting. You need to have the kind of privacy you deserve. Clean that account and feel safer, worry-free, and new you.


AOL Is A Dying Business

AOL, short for American Online, is a type of American mass media in a multinational level, which is specifically focused on the development, growth, and investments on brands and other websites. It concerns itself with the distribution of digital contents, products, and other services which the publishers, consumers, or advertisers can benefit.


Before the year 2006, AOL was widely known to have distributed 3½” floppy disks and CD-ROMs through direct mailing, plus containing its software. It had distributed several disks in large quantity because of its high demand from the public; half of those disks distributed was even manufactured worldwide and presents its logo. Because of AOL’s marketing tactics, it was criticized by most individuals, especially the environmentalists. The AOL disks were recognized around the globe one of the PCWorld’s annoying technology for its environmental cost. This was the main reason why AOL is nowadays considered by most people as a dying business.

Some Of The Reasons Why AOL Is Dying

In every business, it is important that the sales and production should be balanced. Low sales can be very detrimental to the business since it is considered as the lifeblood of such venture. It is pretty simple, no sales lead to no cash flow and no cash flow leads to a losing business.


Creating something new to the eyes of the public can also give the business a fighting chance against other competitors. Whenever the public considers that the business is dying for reasons of environmental cost, the business must make sure that it can create other innovative products in order to win back its consumers or purchasers. It is very important that a business should listen to the voice of its consumers, as well as, to the ideas or voice of its management. Suggestions should not be taken negatively because some of it may be the solution to the downfall. Also, it is wise to consider new innovations so as to coincide with the trend. Producing products with high demands from the public can increase the sales of the business.

Aside from following the trend, a business must venture itself with several solutions like creating something unique. In relation to creating innovations, the business or company must make sure to either go with the trend or build and produce something that which is unique to the public. Being unique is more advantageous than just simply following the trend. It will invite more investors, stockholders, consumers, and other types of people that may be of great help to the business.

It is also crucial that a business must open itself to development, as well as, learning. A business must innovate, differentiate, change and grow or else the business will die. To learn different things can be the secret to a successful business. It will surely lead you somewhere. All capacities which you have to do in order to save the business, all lie in the manner of how you learn from something important. In a gist, what AOL must do is to counter those effects or results which are causing its downfall in order to turn it all around.

WD My Passport Ultra: In-Depth Review

Introduction and specs list

Off-late people are complaining. People are complaining of shortage of space and by that we mean shortage in the space of conveyance, shortage in the space of houses and apartments and also the shortage of space in the storage capacity of their computers and laptops. Time and technology has forged on with a good pace and today we are seeing these external devices which support very high storage capacity. This review is about on the most stylish looking, yet cheap and very much convenient Hard Disk Drive: WD My Passport Ultra.



This pocket size wonder, (yes it is that tiny!) can carry your whole world like a pro! It is only 2.5 inches in thickness! We will introduce a brief technical specification sheet for you before we proceed with the detailing and the other faces and facts of this device:





Form Factor

Color options

Transfer speeds



OS Supported



WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB external hard drive

$130 for 1 TB (MRP) (available at cheaper options)

0.6 x 4.3 x 3.2 (inches)

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0


Black, Blue, Red

USB 3.0: about 5 GBPS; USB 2.0: about 475 MBPS;

USB 1.1: 11.9 MBPS

1 TB

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1; Macintosh: Leopard

Snow leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion

3 years of domestic warranty

Features and functions

Storage devices are used for storage, looks aren’t very much important for them, but if you are getting one of the sleekest devices at a good price and functionality, you won’t mind buying one. The Ultra has one of the best looks amongst storage devices. Talking about everything else, well, this device won’t disappoint you.

The Passport Ultra is the next generation amongst the lineage of WD external hard drives. It succeeds the Passport Edge and has sheer brilliance about its stance. It is much quicker than the previous generations of external drives from WD. The tiny little external drive has quicker performance, better storage space and robust software under its sleeve.

My Passport is a bit pricey when it comes to the rival pricing line up. It is priced at around $130 for 1 TB version and $100 for the 500 GB version. The price and status of the 2 TB version is unknown for the time being.

At first glance you might think that it is the Edge, because the device looks exactly like its predecessor, the only change is that the word “edge” has been replaced with “ultra”. The device will surprise you with its light weight and compact size. The form factor is very much strong as well.

This hard drive has one USB cable slot and that will work both as the charger and transfer medium. The cable is around 12 inches long. It can be used with both USB 3.0 and 2.0, but it is recommended to use it with USB 3.0 for the best results.

This device is ready for Windows (NTFS), but you can reformat it for Mac (HFS+). It also has the WD SmartWare backup program, and the WD Security software and WD Drive Utilities as well. It is not required to get it installed on your computer to work but installation would be a good idea. Its security system will protect your data as the encryption is very rigid.

I Hate Multipurpose Printers

A multifunction printer or an all in one printer is a multipurpose printer or device which merges different types of functions like printing, scanning, photocopying, faxing, etc. Multipurpose printers are used by offices as well as individuals. These days many of the school or college going students needs a multipurpose printer so that they can get their various projects finished at home itself.


These printers have gained tremendous amount of popularity in the last few years mainly because of the functionality and convenience which they provide. I have somehow also been cynical about such multipurpose printers’ functions and uses; I feel that these printers are more of a mess when compared to a normal single use device. A normal single use device might make you pay a bit extra but it has convenience under its belt. You do not need to work under any sort of terms and conditions like these multipurpose devices come with.


One very ridiculous function which you get with an all in one printer is that you cannot scan a document or a sheet of paper when you do not have ink! Now how does ink affect the scanning functionality of a printer! The manufacturers want you to spend on their cartridges otherwise they won’t let you do other tasks with your device! There was this forum where I read that one of the giant manufacturers made printers which cannot scan because they have ran out of ink only to make the customer purchase a new cartridge.


One of the employee of the company told that scanners have got to do with the photocopy functions of the printer; therefore, it was better for the customers only so that their work does not stop in between. I was amused at such an explanation, there is no work that gets stuck in between, at least I get the benefit of mailing a scan document, but then these devices are not equipped to do that.


There are other disadvantages of purchasing a multipurpose printer as well; I am summing up a few of them:

  • You can never get the quality of what a standalone device would do. You will get quality printing but then there are chances that you might not get standard scanning quality. The body of the printer itself might be very fragile to handle and work on.
  • You do not get the convenience of using two features together. For example you can never scan and print at the same time. It will be very time killing to do the job at different times.
  • IF one of the component or function of your printer fails or stop working, you will see that other features and functions of the printer have stopped working as well. It also means that you will have to send your entire printer to get the problem fixed and thus your work will remain disrupted for quite a bit of time.

All these problems and inconvenience has made me personally dislike multipurpose printers. I believe that if somebody wants to use the scanning function more than printing then he must prefer a standalone scanner over a multipurpose printer.

Intense Dreams Means That You Are Un-Peaceful

What your dreams really have to say about you and your Life:

Intense dreams are also known as vivid dreams and they are happening more often in people now more than ever before; reasoning for dreams such as these varies based on a lot of different aspects however the main reason is because of stress itself and having to deal with more than with what one person can handle. Dreams like these are usually filled with a lot of movement and a ton of color; think that it may be too good to be true because it is all unreal. With an intense dream you could also have a dream where you are actually aware of dreaming in the first place.


It is common for the part of the dream for most people to remember is the part that happens within the last stage of the sleep cycle known as REM, but, they can still reference from other parts of the dream that actually happened hours earlier. Dreams are very important for a lot of different reasons, for starters, dreams are very personal to the person who has this and this is because the dreams that a person has are directly related to them in one way or another one.


A dream is your subconscious talking to you; it is simply just trying to tell you something or to help you find a way to fix something. An intense dream such one of this genre is designed to capture your attention and to also hopefully teach you right from wrong and help guide you to getting back on track and on the right path. Whether you dream all night long or you only dream once a night you can find yourself waking up feeling as if you did dream the entire night through.


To have a dream like this is the direct result of having something bother you; it can be something small or something large, it may be something you are aware of or just something that you sense may happen but it begins stirring up your insides and works you up. This is a phenomenon that is happening to thousands and thousands of people all over the world with each and every single passing day. This phenomenon also comes along with a ton of theories that are found to be useful and accurate.

The best thing to do when you find yourself having an intense dream is to relax and clear your mind. You should have time to yourself and you should be able to do things that you like and that relax you, get calm and have a clear mind. Then think things through and move on from there, after relaxing you will find yourself having better nights of sleep. In the end know that your body needs to be healthy in order to work correctly and when it begins to malfunction such as this or any other kind of sickness you need to do what it takes to get better.

Dreams are creative but not all of them are good just like all of them don’t have a meaning.


Live Life On A Low Budget And Increase Your Happiness

Luxury cars, breathtaking jewelries, and other extravagant material possessions are just some of your high-cost wants which you will no longer use in the end. It will only cause you heating bills and stress when you get short on your budget. The values of these things rarely appreciate as time goes by. It is even better to purchase a piece of land rather than spending your money in these types of material possessions.

Ways To Live A Low-Budget Life


Whether you receive high-paid salaries or just the minimum wage required, these ways can show you how to live a happy life by just simply spending on the most important possession.

When you wake up in the morning, you can look at the daily newspaper you have or surf the internet whether there are free events in your town. In this way, if you don’t have something to do after your school or work, you can head off in these events rather than spending on those high-cost coffee shops or restaurants. You can even enjoy or discover something new that can make your day worthwhile. If you really want to watch a movie, you can have a movie night at home. Aside from its cheaper than going to a theatre, you have the luxury of time and you and your friends can enjoy the movie as much as you want. No voice or laughter control nor time limit and you can watch as much movie as you want to watch.


You can also head to the local library or museum. If you are a book lover or just enjoys your time by just simply skimming through the pages, the library is the best place for you. You can also go to museums or other places which can offer a free but entertaining event. Aside from saving, you will also learn a lot of things. In addition, instead of riding a cab or a bus, you can go for a stroll or just walk with your friends in going to these places. You can have more time to talk and laugh with your friends while walking. Reminisce the past and see how you have improved through those days.


Never be a spoiled brat. Don’t cry over something you want just because you can’t have it. You can enjoy the simple thing in your life. Don’t worry or envy someone just because they have what you want. Focus more on your priorities and at the end, you will realize that all those less spending attitude had paid off. Be contended with the things you have. Enjoy the day with your special someone rather than spending on those expensive things.

Studies show that when you spend beyond a certain amount of money every day or month, there is no benefit or important effect on the level of happiness you feel. By decreasing your interest in material or other possessions which are not highly important as the others and by teaching yourself to live a modest life by spending less, you will be happier than ever.

Things to Consider in Cloud Back – up Storage

Today’s technology is advanced and very innovative. Computers and internet are the few best inventions these days. Computers and internet makes our work easier and faster. Most people are using this these days. Especially for school and work, both are very efficient tools to help make our work faster.


However, nothing is perfect and things happen unexpectedly. For example, you are working on a project for a client. All your work and its details are stored in your computer ready for the presentation but your computer got stolen. All of your work are there and you do not have a copy of it. Are you going to start all over again? Starting all over again is fine but it is so time consuming and you might miss out few details. How inconvenient it will be. The smartest way to avoid this inconvenience is to have a back – up storage for your files.


The conventional computer stores data in the hard drive of the computer. You can save any data in there but if something happens to the computer like stolen, crashed or wet there is no chance for you to have your data restored. If you have cloud back – up you have nothing to worry about your stored data. You can access your data anytime anywhere.  Cloud back – up helps you store all your data remotely.


Cloud storage allows you to store and access your back up data from multiple distribution and connected resources with a cloud. A cloud is a metaphor for internet. Cloud Back – up solution stores data in the internet with the use of storage service provider. How do save your data to the cloud? Cloud backup providers will give you secured log in access for you to be able to access your data center. In the data center this is where you save and restore your data anytime on the internet. Your stored data can be saved automatically according to your selected schedule or whenever you make changes to your files.


There might be some risks in using cloud back – up providers like privacy issues and latency. Since you are using the service of a third party, you might think about your privacy security. Of course, there is nothing more secure in saving the data to yourself but if you choose the right provider you can be secured as well. Providers are giving encrypted connections, so make sure you are on encrypted connection before you make your data and store. This way, all your data are safe and secure. Latency is also an issue. But this issue is nothing compared to saving your own data in a hard disk drive. Since you are using the internet for saving data you’re data are streamed through an encrypted connection. You might encounter latency but not the same as when you are using your computers back up.

There are also a lot of things to consider if you opt for cloud back – up but choosing the right provider is the key.