How Veganism Can Save The World

A friend once told me that he can save the world by just being one of the determined vegans. I was curious and intrigued on how Veganism saves the world. If you are wondering the answer to that question, then you have read the right article.  Also, if you are a vegan, you will be glad to read this since it’s all about you saving the world.

Vegans or not vegans, here are some reasons why Veganism can save the world.

  • Human soil being protected. When a person eats a plant-based food, he gets most of the vital and healthy nutrients from it like enzymes, phytonutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. Food nutrient researchers have discovered that raising livestock or other farm animals for the main purpose of consumption contribute to nutritional depletion of the ground or soil and it also contributes to erosion, deforestation, and desertification. According to studies, its impact made the US lose around one third of its topsoil.
  • Energy is saved. Nowadays, every country experience power failure or shortage. The oil price hike is really making its way up faster than the old days. People are now finding different ways on how to power their cars and houses. According to a Cornell study, producing meats with animal-based proteins has to consume fossil-fuel 8 times greater than producing a plant-based protein.
  • Water supply is also saved. Agricultural industry and other corporations which use different kinds of plants or animals use a huge amount of the earth’s water. Producing a pound of plant-based food consumes lesser amount of water because animal-based foods consume about 100 to 200 times more water than plant food. According to the studies of the United Nations, the livestock sector is one of the sectors that consume a large amount of water.
  • Air is cleaned. The factories of animal-based foods have odors that a human being cannot tolerate. It contributes to the pollution of the air.
  • Rainforest being destroyed. Researchers involved with the Nature Conservancy say that in every second a rainforest is being destroyed as big as a football field just to provide area or materials for the farm and raise different kinds of livestock for consumption.
  • It fights world hunger at the same time pushes people towards a healthy living lifestyle. A great number of the world’s population is now experiencing malnutrition and hunger because of the expensive prices of animal-based foods. With regard to meat eating and healthy living lifestyle, plant-based food is being fed to animals rather than to the people themselves. Also, animal products cause higher emissions and use more resources.

You can watch the cowspiracy movie which gives the data in a great way.

In a gist, meat eating needs more livestock and more livestock mean lesser natural resources. Thus, it is always best to consider having a healthy lifestyle and helping in the increase of natural resources to give our world the abundant resources it had before. Veganism can serve as an earth-friendly tip for every person in the world. It will give the people more reason to stay healthy and be compassionate to everything he or she does. Vegans will soon rock the world with their healthy diet.

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