Why I like PC so Much

Everybody who is into gaming is talking about the new consoles but I’m not that much interested as I’m a PC enthusiast who is always prepared  to be singing the virtues of the PC. I’m not alone either because gaming systems are doing well and the PC gaming segment is twice the size of the console gaming market.


In fact recently John Peddie Research released a report saying that the PC gaming market will grow to over $23B in 2017.  While Microsoft console fans go on about the merits of 1080P, a high-end gaming PC can make 4K displays, which is 4X the resolution of 1080P.

Give Me Keyboard and Mouse any Day

I’m a PC gamer simply because getting down to basics, keyboard and mouse are just that much easier to use. For many games, the keyboard and mouse is excellent and the keyboard particularly allows for lots of different keys which naturally gives you access to a big selection of options. A perfect example is Dragon Age and World of Warcraft where a player can have heaps of different class abilities available to them, but trying this on a console just simply wouldn’t work as there just aren’t enough buttons available. With a PC you get a larger amount of plugins.


It isn’t that I have anything particular against console gamers, but the features of the PC you just don’t find on consoles. For instance you may not be able to play your Xbox 360 game on your Xbox One, whereas with a PC, they never make it impossible to play your favorite game and even those outmoded DOS titles can be manipulated.

There’s so Much to Like about PCs

Why I like PC so much is that you can also upgrade the hardware whenever you want and you can also tweak your graphics settings on a PC and opt for different view distances. In any case, PCs have better graphics than consoles. This is what I like about PCs for gaming – you’re in control, and in just a few steps you can get exactly what you want from your hardware and get better gaming performance than ever.


Another thing about PC gaming is that while there will always be an operating system in the background and 3rd party apps using up resources from RAM, you can’t disable Windows, but with an app like Game Booster you can do away with a lot of those background processes that you don’t need or want while gaming. With Game Booster you can do this manually even when you launch a game.

Simply the Best
PC is by far the best choice for a scintillating gaming experience because of its superior interchangeable hardware and its flexibility. It seems that PC gamers like me realize that PCs don’t only play just about all games that you can play on consoles, but there are far more PC-exclusive games than console-exclusive games, and of course the better graphics, giving PC the thumbs up all round.


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