Technical Support Never Works For Techies

Technical support is always the first thing that comes into your mind when something does not function well in your device. But, to those tech lovers, technical support is just a waste of their time. Technical support is a superfluity of services wherein numerous enterprises provide or give assistance to those who uses different technology products. It may be done through the means of a live support system which can be found on the website of the company or it can be emailed to you by the company itself. Whatever the means and no matter how organized it is, if you are a tech guy like me, calling the phone will only waste your time.


Why You Need Not Call A Tech Support

When you experience a problem and needs every support available to fix your PC or other device, it is better to format it and install everything again rather than calling for technical support. The following are just some of the reasons why.

The first thing that a technical support would ask is the fact that whether your problem can be covered by the warranty. If it is not, then, you would immediately experience the waste of time and effort you have exerted. A warranty is always needed when you report that a driver bug is present in your computer.


You will only waste your time waiting for pieces of information because it can never tell you the right type of hard drive. It is even better to just look for online documentations to fix your problem. In this way, you can come across something new that can increase your knowledge on matters regarding your device or technology.

Also, the presence of language issues comes to play. There are only limited companies with technical support that can offer a high-skilled employee that can thoroughly understand what your problem is. You need more time to elaborate or explain the problem you are encountering and, in the end, you will realize that it will lead you nowhere.


Some technical support companies have less control in their projects. The persons behind this mask are not even technology lovers. They do not have a wide array of thoughts when it comes to the product, most especially when it comes to your extreme and dead-end problem.

Every company has their own technical support system, but only a few of these companies possess employees who are very highly-skilled to give you the exact ways and means on how to solve your dead-end situation. The employees will just let you go around in circles to look for solutions that are not even very helpful.


The best advice I can give is just to figure these things out no matter how hard it is, just don’t call technical support. You can do a research, surf the internet, or participate in online forums for possible ways to fix your problem. As a technology lover, you will soon realize that you already know the things, ideas, or thoughts that the technical support would give to you. Explore and look for something that will increase your knowledge rather than relying on someone who can only give you a limited knowledge.


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