The Damages Of Sitting

If you are currently employed at home and sits in front of a computer for a very long time, read on and you will realize the different damages or effects that sitting can cause to your body.


An animation created by Duncan Elms, can show that what may seem to be as innocent as a child can greatly detriment or threaten one’s life. The video will show every individual the basic effects of sitting for a total of 11 hours a day. It shows that when a person is sitting, the enzymes of the body drop by 90%. Enzymes are important because it is one of the factors responsible in breaking down fats in your body.


Aside from enzymes, the insulin effectiveness and the good cholesterol in the body also drops. The blood pressure level rises which will definitely cause higher risks of cardiovascular diseases. Also, pressure from the neck is exerted and blood clots will most likely form in the brain. Sitting down for a very long time, especially without good posture will lead to numerous disorders or diseases like obesity, diabetes, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

Organ Damage

Due to the prolonged sitting, the organs in your body will never have the opportunity to stretch or function well. It will contribute to the development of heart diseases because the muscles in your body burns lesser fats and the flow of your blood is more sluggish compared to when you are standing or moving. Also, the effectiveness of insulin in your pancreas will drop.


Because of the limited movements, your muscles will pump lesser oxygen or fresh blood through your brain, thus, preventing the release of helpful mood and brain enhancing chemicals. There will also be poor circulation of blood in your legs, which would lead to varicose veins and swollen ankles to blood clots which can be detrimental to your life.


The very least of the effects that you will experience due to prolonged sitting is a strained neck and sore shoulders or back because of all the slouching.


  • An Indiana University study, found that a 5-minute walk will definitely help to reduce the effects of sitting. If you cannot have a 5-minute walk every time you work, just remember to stretch your body once in a while.
  • Sit on chairs which are not stable. In this way, movements in your body will likely occur, thus, creating constant blood flow.
  • Dehydrate yourself every two hours. You easily get caught up when you work, especially when you are running late on your schedule. Try to set an alarm in your phone with an interval of two hours in order to make sure that you don’t forget to stand, stretch, drink, or eat when the day gets busy.

Now that you have learned the effects of prolonged sitting, it is time that you make sure that you exercise or stand once in a while. Bear in mind that the effects that will cause you a lot of expenses in the future if you just continue on sitting.


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