Things to Consider in Cloud Back – up Storage

Today’s technology is advanced and very innovative. Computers and internet are the few best inventions these days. Computers and internet makes our work easier and faster. Most people are using this these days. Especially for school and work, both are very efficient tools to help make our work faster.


However, nothing is perfect and things happen unexpectedly. For example, you are working on a project for a client. All your work and its details are stored in your computer ready for the presentation but your computer got stolen. All of your work are there and you do not have a copy of it. Are you going to start all over again? Starting all over again is fine but it is so time consuming and you might miss out few details. How inconvenient it will be. The smartest way to avoid this inconvenience is to have a back – up storage for your files.


The conventional computer stores data in the hard drive of the computer. You can save any data in there but if something happens to the computer like stolen, crashed or wet there is no chance for you to have your data restored. If you have cloud back – up you have nothing to worry about your stored data. You can access your data anytime anywhere.  Cloud back – up helps you store all your data remotely.


Cloud storage allows you to store and access your back up data from multiple distribution and connected resources with a cloud. A cloud is a metaphor for internet. Cloud Back – up solution stores data in the internet with the use of storage service provider. How do save your data to the cloud? Cloud backup providers will give you secured log in access for you to be able to access your data center. In the data center this is where you save and restore your data anytime on the internet. Your stored data can be saved automatically according to your selected schedule or whenever you make changes to your files.


There might be some risks in using cloud back – up providers like privacy issues and latency. Since you are using the service of a third party, you might think about your privacy security. Of course, there is nothing more secure in saving the data to yourself but if you choose the right provider you can be secured as well. Providers are giving encrypted connections, so make sure you are on encrypted connection before you make your data and store. This way, all your data are safe and secure. Latency is also an issue. But this issue is nothing compared to saving your own data in a hard disk drive. Since you are using the internet for saving data you’re data are streamed through an encrypted connection. You might encounter latency but not the same as when you are using your computers back up.

There are also a lot of things to consider if you opt for cloud back – up but choosing the right provider is the key.


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