AOL Is A Dying Business

AOL, short for American Online, is a type of American mass media in a multinational level, which is specifically focused on the development, growth, and investments on brands and other websites. It concerns itself with the distribution of digital contents, products, and other services which the publishers, consumers, or advertisers can benefit.


Before the year 2006, AOL was widely known to have distributed 3½” floppy disks and CD-ROMs through direct mailing, plus containing its software. It had distributed several disks in large quantity because of its high demand from the public; half of those disks distributed was even manufactured worldwide and presents its logo. Because of AOL’s marketing tactics, it was criticized by most individuals, especially the environmentalists. The AOL disks were recognized around the globe one of the PCWorld’s annoying technology for its environmental cost. This was the main reason why AOL is nowadays considered by most people as a dying business.

Some Of The Reasons Why AOL Is Dying

In every business, it is important that the sales and production should be balanced. Low sales can be very detrimental to the business since it is considered as the lifeblood of such venture. It is pretty simple, no sales lead to no cash flow and no cash flow leads to a losing business.


Creating something new to the eyes of the public can also give the business a fighting chance against other competitors. Whenever the public considers that the business is dying for reasons of environmental cost, the business must make sure that it can create other innovative products in order to win back its consumers or purchasers. It is very important that a business should listen to the voice of its consumers, as well as, to the ideas or voice of its management. Suggestions should not be taken negatively because some of it may be the solution to the downfall. Also, it is wise to consider new innovations so as to coincide with the trend. Producing products with high demands from the public can increase the sales of the business.

Aside from following the trend, a business must venture itself with several solutions like creating something unique. In relation to creating innovations, the business or company must make sure to either go with the trend or build and produce something that which is unique to the public. Being unique is more advantageous than just simply following the trend. It will invite more investors, stockholders, consumers, and other types of people that may be of great help to the business.

It is also crucial that a business must open itself to development, as well as, learning. A business must innovate, differentiate, change and grow or else the business will die. To learn different things can be the secret to a successful business. It will surely lead you somewhere. All capacities which you have to do in order to save the business, all lie in the manner of how you learn from something important. In a gist, what AOL must do is to counter those effects or results which are causing its downfall in order to turn it all around.


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