Time For Some Facebook “Friends” DETOX

Are you getting tired of all those annoying posts on your wall or those invitations which do not interest you at all? If the answer is yes, then you should probably undergo a Facebook detox. Yes! Time has changed now. It’s not only your body that needs to have a detox session, your Facebook account, is in no doubt, needs it.


Questions For Elimination

If you are bold enough, you have to clean these people out of your account and you will soon realize how amazing and worry-feel it would feel without those silly posts and invitations. Here are set of questions which can help you determine whether you have to unfriend someone or not.

  1. Do you know the person? If no, unfriend.
  2. When was the last time you spoke to this person? If the answer is for more than 3 years, unfriend.
  3. Do you intend to meet this person once in the next 3 months or as soon as possible? If the answer is no, unfriend.

Why Undergo A Detox Session

You are living the life in the present. When your Facebook account is open 24/7 and there are so many notifications or postings on your wall, you have this urge to check it every time it beeps. Once you are caught up with this habit, although you are socializing with your friends, you will still likely become an anti-social in the real world. You don’t get to do physical things because all you do is lie down and scroll through those postings. Also, the time you spend updating your status or checking your account will only take much of your time. Thus, giving lesser time with the ones you love.


Some people even said that they lessen their use of Facebook because they don’t get the time to look for the right and important things. It is made by most people as an excuse to disregard themselves and their happiness. They no longer have the time to reflect and think about something which truly matters to them.

Facebook also lets you hang on with those old memories. Although it is sometimes good to reminisce the past, what matters most is the present and the future. You need to experience more and learn from the happenings you will soon encounter.

Although having a Facebook detox can be very challenging, especially when you are the kind of person who does not normally unfriend people, limiting your Facebook friends won’t do you any harm. They can always add you back every time you get the chance to encounter and experience one another’s company.

Aside from the reasons stated above in order for you to have or undergo a Facebook detox, you need to give yourself this so called session in order to protect yourself. There are so many news reports nowadays that individuals become subjects of a crime because of negligent acceptance of friends or posting. You need to have the kind of privacy you deserve. Clean that account and feel safer, worry-free, and new you.


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