Never Charge Your Mobile Phone In The Same Room You Sleep In

Teenagers, grown-ups, or in whatever stage of life, people nowadays sleep with their phones next to their heads. It has become a common addiction, but to some it has become an addiction. While for some people, the reason why they sleep with their phones just right beside them is that it serves as an alarm clock, mostly do this to connect with their peers. The on call status of these individuals can result in an anxious need to check upon things which are sometimes not that important and thus, impair their sleep. It can jeopardize the emotional, physical, and cognitive body functions and can very well limit the domains of connection.


There are so many reasons why your mobile should be sleeping outside of your bedroom. Some of these negative impacts on why you should never let your mobile phone charge or just simply be there with you when you sleep are as follows:

Deprivation When It Comes To A Cozy Sleep

When your phone is right next to you, you have this tendency or urge to check your emails or accounts. Next thing you know it, you are already way past your bed time. Your sleep will be altered by all those beeping sounds. Medical researchers say that an adult must have at least 6 hours of sleep a day in order for their body to function well.

Deprivation When It Comes To Influence And Relationships

Most of the attentions of individuals in today’s generation are now focused on what they are doing and what they are doing involves the use of the different kinds of technologies. They have less time to spend or talk to the persons who matter the most since all they can think of is the things they have to do.


Leaving your mobile phones charging when you sleep may sometimes be helpful since you get your battery full when you wake up. But, the downside of which is that it is never advisable to leave your phones unattended when charging. It can destroy your battery due to over-charging or it can burn down your house because of the fire it created. If having a low battery phone when the day gets busy is your problem, you can buy a socket timer to ease your worry when charging or you can just buy a portable battery.

Researchers which concern themselves on the impacts of technology to the body has proven that when a smartphone or and kind of phone is plugged into the charger, its radiation radius can reach up to 5 meters or more and it can get stronger while it lasts. Since most individuals tend to use their phones as an alarm clock, the tendency is to leave the phone charging next to their heads. The solution here is simple, buy an alarm clock! You can put your alarm clock away from your bed, in this way, you will be able to wake up and get out of your bed just to turn off the alarm. No more snoozing.

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