Not Using Twitter Anymore? Let’s Change It!

Twitter is an excellent tool to connect with your fans and post short updates. You increase brand awareness and you have a chance to communicate with all your followers so that you receive significant customer feedback. Below there are a few reasons why you should definitely include Twitter in your marketing plan.

twitter 2

Connect with clients

With so many people using Twitter nowadays, it is nearly impossible not to be able to connect with your customers via this unique social networking service.  A close relationship with clients will make your company more reliable. For instance, if someone is unsatisfied with the services provided, you can get in contact with him and sort out the problem. Therefore, Twitter can be used as an effective customer service platform.

Receive feedback

Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, it is clearly a great way to make an overall idea of how good your services are and to identify what kind of changes you need to make.  Listening to what customers have to say about your services or products is essential in order to expand your business rapidly.

Dealing with negative feedback can be hard. The first impulse is to get defensive and to assume that the accusations are not based on facts. However, keep in mind that there is always something to improve. Analyze thoroughly and do all the necessary adjustments to boost the quality of the services.

Share discounts, coupon codes and special deals

People are always looking for good deals.  Giving away vouchers and promoting hard to find products at low prices will make a great impression.  When anybody shares your tweets, more people will become aware of your services, so the customer base will increase constantly.

Market your products

This is definitely one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your merchandise.  What makes this marketing strategy so great is that you do not have to pay anything. Plus, it is more likely to find potential customers on Twitter than by using other advertising methods.

An efficient technique to discover potential customers is to search for conversations regarding products similar to yours.  However, excessive advertising on social media can have a negative impact on your business, so make sure you only share relevant content.

Every follower is a possible client. In order to attract followers you can share high quality niche relevant articles. For instance, if you own a watch company, you can tweet links to articles such as “How to choose a high-quality watch” or “What do you need to know about watches?”.

Pay attention to competition

Keeping a sharp eye on your competitors will help you decide what the next step should be. The ability to change your marketing strategy accordingly is the only way to grow your business.  It is crucial to spy on your completion in order to make sure you do not make the same mistakes they do.

Tip: Even though a tweet can contain up to 140 characters, it is ideal to stick to 100. Short posts attract the attention much faster than longer ones. Some might believe that being able to post a maximum of 140 characters is a disadvantage of using Twitter, but in fact this is a perk.


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