Teach Your Team to Make Fearless Decisions

Every decision we take brings about a change, so the fear factor linked with the change is always there. In the business world however, the fear of boss can be erased by the boss.


Let’s see how a boss or CEO can do this?

The best way of teaching is empowering. So, empower you team. For this, you need to know the every member of your team as much as possible. You must be able to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. When you know the strengths of your team members, you will be able to entrust them the powers of decision making based on their individual strengths.

Leaders do not manage things, they manage people. To manage people you will require some skills and personality attributes. You must have the ability to make your followers believe in you. You must always remain honest, sincere and connected with your team members. You must have trust in their abilities. You must be passionate about your common goals and objectives.

If you want your team members to make fearless decisions, empower them. Allow them to freedom to apply their own vision and thinking within their specified limits. Don’t ask them about the actions, ask them about results. Make them fully responsible and resourceful for the assigned task giving clear guidelines.

You can also do this in the bossy style by ordering (because you are a boss) them to take ten decisions each week with 3% margin of error. This method is stated in Entrepreneur by Stephen Belomy. But, we cannot ignore Bill Gates who said, “In 21st century leaders will be those who empower others”.

Having faith in you and having the freedom to perform, they will start making decisions (fearful or fearless). This fearless and responsible decision making will enable them to produce the required results for the organization. If you succeed to incorporate this culture in your team, you have provided solid basis for your organization. By doing this, you have diversified the process of decision making. This hierarchy in decision making is very much important in modern organizations.

Most of the modern organizations have adopted decentralized decision making.  Some of the examples are eBay, Wikipedia, Facebook, skype and Toyota.

When you have empowered the managers at their levels, you have given them the confidence and sense of ownership. They take responsibility of every decision they make. This sense of ownership is the greatest strength of any leader or any company.

Just imagine the head of every department in your team is taking the same sense of responsibility as you have. How much relieved will you feel?

Relieved from micro-managing, you will have more time to focus on planning and development. You will have time to plan the growth of the company. You will have more time to manage the external links of the company. You will have more time to refine the vision of the company.

You have refined and clear vision and your faithful vibrant team is fully synchronized with your vision and strategy. What can be the better recipe for success.


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