3 Simple Ways to Manage Your Freelance Workload

Freelancing career is a real charm. Working for yourself, being your own boss and the unique opportunity to mould your work with life are some of the most inspiring reasons that people adopt this career. However, with these blessings, there are some constraints and problems in this career choice too.


Freelancing career is predominantly a home-based career. With the comfort of home, freelancers also get the laziness and distraction of home. New entrants in this career path often complain about disrupted work, divided attention and losing the track of progress. Most of these problems are either caused by improper workload management or are actually workload management problems.

Here, we will discuss three of the most common freelance workload management problems and suggest solution for these problems.

Communication with Client

In freelancing career, you have many potential clients from whom you expect work. Most of the freelancers spend a chunk of their time in communication with clients. However, you can cut this time by managing communication properly.

There are communication rules that will make you communication less time consuming and more effective. Convey your message in a clear way and do not leave any ambiguity. Make sure that you understand client’s needs and client understands your limits. Being open about money will also save you from potential problems as you can escape potential financial conflict at the time of payment. For not missing any messages from clients, use desktop or mobile apps from leading freelancing forums or ask your clients to communicate via skype. Skype will help you manage all communication in one place. You can also use one of these apps for communication if you work in a team.

Keep Track of Your Offers and Work

Keeping track of your application for work and the offers made to you will help you gain better understanding of your work matrix. Moreover, you can avoid the freelancer’s dilemma of getting lost in offers and work as you can track each application and offer from beginning.

For keeping a track of your offers, applications and work, put all you data in a spreadsheet file. Note down information for client name and project title, dates for first communication for a project, estimation of the end date and total time needed for processing. Moreover, prioritize your work with respect to their importance in your short-run and long-run career growth. Keep in mind all these factors and only make a promise if you know you will be able to fit the project in your spreadsheet work log. Read more about how to prepare a work record spreadsheet.

Keep Record of Your Progress

When you have a document stating all your projects, their starting and ending dates, it will become easier to track your progress.

Tracking progress helps in honoring agreements and streamlines your work but you need to it in a day to day manner. For this purpose, most useful tools are daily to-do list and work log. In the morning, list down all your to-dos for the day and match them with your work log. Make sure that your to-dos support your workload management. This work tracking will save you from the most common pitfalls on freelancing career.

These suggestions are produced for the most common problems freelancers face. However, acting upon these suggestions will give you time to handle other problems with enough time and attention. Here is a list of apps that will assist you in freelance workload management.


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