3 Reasons Your Link Building Strategies won’t help your Search Engine Ranking

If you are trying to rank your website in the search engines chances are you’re doing some serious link building. You are probably putting hyperlinks in your texts and going on other blogs for guest post. You are probably commenting on blogs and working really hard to get links back to your site. The question is why isn’t your page rank climbing? If you are building links correctly then you should be placed up pretty high on the search engines, so you need to figure out what you are doing wrong. Here are three reasons your link building isn’t doing squat for our page ranking.


You Are Picking Links Willy Nilly

Sure you are linking to lots of things on the internet and even some of your links are high ranking in search engines yourself, but why are you linking to them? If you are linking to things that don’t make any sense at all to your website or the thing you are trying to get people to then it is just confusing. You are going to gain people’s trust if you are writing about gardening and you link them to an article about coffee cake because it’s on a popular website. Make sure whatever links you are using are directly related to your product or content.

Going a step further when you are picking relevant links, make sure to actually read what you are linking to. If the title is related great, but go ahead and read through the article. There are a lot of sites out there full of gibberish and linking to one of these is not good for your credibility at all.

Maybe You Are Linking to the Wrong Things

If you are using links from a place that simply doesn’t get that much traffic then it isn’t going to help your ranking. Links that aren’t seen by enough people do not help you get in good with the search engines. Find links that have posts and articles with lots of engagement. When people are commenting you know they are visiting the site regularly.

You Are Linking to Similar or the Same Content

If you are simply linking to content all on the same website then you are not building a link circle for people to keep coming back to your site. You need to be sourcing back-links from lots of different relevant places. This is the only way you will make sure your link building is beneficial. If you are linking to the same article over and over on different sites, that’s not a great strategy. If you are linking all your content to the same website, that is also not a good idea. Remember to spread it out everywhere and make sure it’s relevant.

These three things are a great place to start when trying to repair your link building strategies. When done correctly it can be great for your search engine rank and you will get seen by a lot more people. Think smarter and don’t work harder when building your links and you will be sure to make every one of them count.

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