Tips for Great Voice-Over Performances

What makes a great voice-over performance? Portraying the intention of the script writer is what truly makes the performance great. You need to get inside of the script. Putting yourself in the shoes of the character of the movie or video. Every voice-over actor needs to read between the lines in order to perfectly portray the intent of the script writer. To do these, the following tips are important to help you understand the intent of the script writer. Nevertheless You want to keep some principals that will keep your voice clear and confident.


It’s All About Your Audience

Ask yourself these questions, to whom are you talking? Who are the persons that will listen to your voice? Every voice-over actor has sufficient knowledge or clear idea on the type of audience they have. It is important to know who your audience is because it will give you an idea on how to portray your character apart from putting yourself in the shoes of the character. Your audience is very important because it is through their judgment where one will know whether the movie or video has life.

Focus On The Character

You need to discover everything about your character. How he acts, talk, or express himself. In this way, you will be able to give the audience a believable performance where they can see themselves in the shoes of the character. You need to focus on the age, attitude, behavior, priorities, and other matters which make your character who he is.

You also need to be more sensitive to the context of the script. Try to take a full picture before you start. You should remember that everything is connected. Every aspect of the script is very crucial in order for every voice-over actor to deliver the intention portrayed by the script.

Visualize your surroundings, the location of the scene, and your character. Imagine the place where your character is found, what is going around his surroundings, and how the character would fit in the scene so that you will have a clearer view of the perfect scene. You can even use photographs or other visual aids to make things easier for your imagination.

Your character’s contemporaries are also very important. Whether it is real or imagined, it doesn’t matter. Full understanding of who your character decides to surround him will tell you a lot about his character as a true person. If your character lived in the old days, look into how they live during those days. Take note of the way they converse or how they express their thoughts to one another. You can also practice speaking the way your character speaks everytime you are talking with other people. It will serve as a good test of how you well you can portray your character. Although it may seem weird or funny, it will still benefit you in the end. Just give the people you are conversing with a heads up.

Environment Plays A Role

Just because you are a voice-over actor you need not give importance to your environment, you thought wrong. To make a great voice-over performance, you need to make use of the environment. You need to include accents to improve your performance. You also need the ambient sounds to make your movie or video believable and more realistic.

Listen to the music while you are in that beautiful environment. Music will help in portraying your emotions. It will be more realistic if your emotions are involved because the audience will see and feel the real thing.

End Of The Story

Having a full knowledge on how the story ends will help your performance. By knowing the end of the story, you will be able to know the overall performance whether it be better or not. You can also improve your performance when you know that the end will not be good enough to reach your audience’s expectations. Comprehension of the whole story or script is a crucial matter wherein every voice-over actor must have a good grasp. Lastly, you can also hire other professional producers or editors to make your voice-over performance unique and extraordinary. You will have someone to help you track and ensure the high-quality of your recordings. Bear in mind to seek for more suggestions and guides from other individuals. Advice from other people will greatly help improve voice-over performance.


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