The 5 Core Pillars Of Content Marketing

Why it is that content marketing is very important to all bloggers and writers? What makes it so important? Many bloggers know how hard it is to increase their audience or visitors from 300 organic visits to more than 10, 000 organic visits per month. Boosting up of these organic visits is surely not based on luck. It will take pure hard work and perseverance to achieve this rate or increase. Some even take them 2 years just to reach this goal. Different contents may fail, but it will never matter for those who have fixed goals in mind.


According to Eric Schmidt, “More content is being created in 48 hours than what was produced from the beginning of time until 2003.” This thought only proves that competition within the realm of content marketing is as tough as you can ever imagine. It is very unfortunate for other bloggers that most of their contents fails. They struggle so hard yet no one seems to bother or take a look at their work. Sometimes, it is just a matter of content marketing. Below are the 5 core pillars of content marketing that will definitely increase your organic visitors tremendously.

Your Audience Is Your Utmost Priority

Some bloggers fail to realize that giving importance to their audience can greatly increase their visitors. They focus more on the quality of their content, but disregard the interests and suggestions of their audience.

Before everything else, giving importance to your audience will help your content marketing. Try to ask yourself whether you want to have a customer who can relate to your interest or who is only interested with the trending topics. If you choose the first one, make sure that you look hard enough for the perfect customer of the same interest as you have. If you choose the second, see to it that you have your eyes on the trending topics that are popping out of the internet or you can just make your own viral content.

Creation Of The Content


While content marketing is very important, the gist or the over-all impact on the content you have will help. It is equally important as content marketing. It is because of the quality of your content that people will have the tendency to revisit your site and share it with other individuals.

Although quantity is not that important as the quality of your content, there is a study where the longer your content is the higher would be its rank in the Google search results.

Promotion Of Your Content

Creating high-quality content or a viral content cannot stand alone, especially when there is heavy competition. You need to remember that content marketing is primarily composed of the content, making skills and marketing skills. Thus, you need to balance these 2 in order to have a successful blog or website.

Your content can never stand alone because it has no ability to promote itself. You need to have a good marketing strategy by using all possible means such as making an account in any social media or using social sharing.

Mapping The Cycle

Since you will be undergoing a content marketing, you need to develop a content that will surely meet the interest of your audience at every stage in order to aid them in moving to the next stage of the ladder. Whether it is in the awareness stage, consideration stage, or decision stage you have to guide your audience each step of the way.

Your content must focus on how to appeal to the emotions of your audience, which are normally located at different stages. You can check out a survey made by Marketing Charts in proving this stand.

You need to create a content that will really strike the awareness of your audience. Then, if you get a hang of it, you can also result in creating content which can be of use in the consideration stage. Apply case studies, technology guides, videos, or webinars to make things easier. On the other hand, you can also result in making a content that will gear your audience to buying or purchasing your content or just simply visit your site.

Record And Analyze

Record the things you have done every single day and at the end of the month, analyze those facts and determine where you made a mistake. Your records will serve as a reminder of your mistakes and improvements. Also, you need to update yourself with new ideas and other relevant matters which can help you attain that success.

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