7 Ways to Make Your Posts Pop on Social Media

In today’s marketing strategies, social media has undeniable importance. Bulks of direct emails are insignificant when compared to one well-written and well-spread post of twitter or Facebook.Thus, to master digital marketing is to master social media skills.

The process of making your post popular on social media starts with writing process and ends with link building to that one well-polished post to make it well-spread too. Here are 7 ways to pop your social media post.


Put the Best of Your Artistry in the Title

The title of a bog post most of the time determines if the post will be read or not. Revise it, compare it and redraft it until you get a perfect title for your post. A post with great content with bad title may be left unread and a bad content can attract more reader if it has a catchy and clickable title.

One tip for the title; do not deviate too much from generic terms.

Give Your Post a Face

If you include an image in your post, it will serve as its face in the social media. Never make a faceless social media post.

Now image! Choose an image that portrays the message in your post.Surf the images depositories and select the one you think is nearest to the message you are delivering in the post. You can get many good free or Creative Commons licensed images from these resources.

Choose a Face that Suits Your Post

When selecting image for your post, keep these parameters in sight as described by HubSpot.

Your image must reflect the content of your post in the nearest proximity.If your post says something about “Antique Cars”, do not put an image of a refurbished 1920’s car.

Select an image that with same theme as your post. For ‘hardworking employees’ post, use a picture of a person sitting on his desk late night not a picture of a depressed person leaned on his files in the day time.

Add Some Text to the Images

Adding some text to the image in your post will make it easier for the reader to understand at first glance that what your post is about.

Using the title of the post over image is also a good idea. It will give the readers both main idea and title of the post in one visual.

Take Care of the Sizes

Different social media sites have different best viewing image size for their platform.Consider ‘best visible’ image size of your target platform and do not let the image size ruin your hardwork.

Let Your Post be Spreadable

Make it easier for viewers and likers of your post to share that post. Give them tweet, like or pin button to reach more audience. This will prove to be the best marketing step for your post.

Use Colors Wisely

The colors in your post affects subconscious of your reader. Before you choose colors for your post, read about color psychology. A good source for understanding color psychology


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