Do You Understand Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand yours and others’ emotions and managing those emotions. This involves emotional awareness, ability to apply that awareness and ability to manage the emotions and outcomes of your management of those emotions.

Emotional intelligence is different from intelligence quotient (IQ). The IQ test only tells about a person’s ability to keep track of patterns and solve problems based on those patterns. On the other hand, emotional intelligence requires a person to demonstrate his emotional and social skills. Emotional intelligence is divided into five categories due to the complexity of the idea.


The Concept of Self-Awareness

First is the concept of self-awareness. Your ability to understand yourself is critical in your journey to success. The concept of self-awareness in emotional intelligence is similar to Nietzsche’s concept of ‘self’ where it is necessary to know yourself to exercise true freedom. Before you interact with community, you must know the person interacting i.e. you. Self-awareness gives you the ability to organize your thoughts and makes you confident about your capabilities and self-worth.

When you know who you are, it becomes easier for you to manage yourself. By managing yourself, I mean exercising control over your emotions. Self-regulation is comprised of self-control, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, adaptability and innovation. We all face disruptions and our wills and resolutions fade with time. To reassure your determination, you can use many techniques like taking a walk or praying. You can figure out the perfect trick for you with keenly observing your past behavior to such situations.


When you have achieved self-awareness and self-regulation, next step is motivation. Motivation is the desire to perform a task without losing focus. Motivation has strong affiliation with your thought string. Negative thoughts will decrease your motivation while positive thoughts will make you more motivated. If you have command over self-regulation, you can control your motivation too because motivation is primarily the product of self-control and self-regulation. Moreover, if you have a concrete plan, a shining end-goal, strong reason to keep going and necessary optimism for the journey, you will never run out of motivation.

Social Skills

Till this point, we have discussed the personal skills. Now, in addition to personal skills, you also need social skills to have good emotional intelligence. After all, how can people know that you have emotional intelligence if you cannot demonstrate it in your social life? In social skills list, empathy tops. Empathy is the ability to understand the emotions and feelings of other people. Ability to get into other’s shoes helps you understand their expectations and needs. Empathy can win you trust and faithfulness in your community.

Social skills’ is a comprehensive word that encompasses many skills. This is the stage where your emotional intelligence is demonstrated. Social skills are essentially the people skills. Social skills include, but not limited to, developing relationships, better communication and quality interaction with people.

These are universally accepted characteristics that form emotional intelligence. You can explore more about emotional intelligence here.


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