Watching Fish Can Boost Your Health, According To Researchers

It’s important to always take part in activities that boost your health. I’m sure your list of health-boosting activities includes jogging, taking protein shakes, meditation and yoga. But I bet you don’t have fish-watching on your list. According to research, simply staring at fish can help to boost your health.

According to researchers from the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth UK, participants in a research study reported feeling positive and relaxed after watching fish. Some participants even had remarkable reduction in their blood pressure.


Incidentally, the concept of fish-staring to boost health is not new. For years, doctors have had aquariums installed in the waiting rooms of their offices to reduce stress in their patients. But Deborah Cracknell, who is the lead researcher for the National Marine Aquarium research project, asserts that the results of her research have served to provide evidence that exposure to underwater settings actually impacts people positively.

The More Fish in an Exhibit, the More Benefits You Will Get from Fish Staring

The study was conducted in a large tank with a capacity of 550,000 liters. The main aim of the study was to determine how human beings react behaviorally, physiologically and psychologically, to the increasing levels of marine species.

To arrive at their conclusion, the test subjects were divided into three groups and were exposed to the aquatic exhibits as follows:

Group 1: were exposed to a fish tank that had only seawater and decorations.

Group 2: viewed a tank that was partially stocked with fish species

Group 3: viewed a fully stocked tank

The study results revealed that the participants who viewed the fully-stocked exhibit experienced more benefits than participants from either group 1 or group 2. The researchers noted that group 3 participants stared at the fish-species for prolonged periods, thus recording higher reduction in heart rate and better moods.

The researchers hope that aquarium designs will leverage on this research to provide better aquariums that will boost faster restoration of health and reduced stress in health care facilities and in places of work.

How to Make Use of This Research

These research findings are quite compelling and at this point you are probably wondering how to get more aquariums in public areas in your city. A more doable and immediate way to take advantage of this research is to buy a fish tank for your house.

Material cited in the research study revealed that it’s not necessary to have a large exhibit to enjoy the health benefits of fish staring. In a past study, a scientist introduced aquariums in the homes of seven elderly people and observed that they recorded far lower blood pressure as compared to control groups who did not have fish tanks in their homes.

You can start your own home aquarium, but if you are going to be in charge of its upkeep and maintenance, this could turn your aquarium into a source of stress. It’s better to get the help of an aquarium company to install and maintain your tank for you. This will leave you free to indulge in fish staring.


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