Life-Changing Trips: Visit These 7 Cities To Boost Your Personal Growth

Most people love to travel, whether they are with their friends, family, or lover. But, did you ever ask the reason for why traveling is so much fun compared to other activities? The reason behind is that traveling has the capacity to transform every individual and at the same time change the outlook of one’s life towards a person, environment, culture, religion, and the like. Below are the top seven destinations that are surely guaranteed to open your heart and eyes to the beauty which is bestowed upon you.


Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is not just rich with all its layered history; it is also the perfect place to blend the preservation of tradition of both the west and the east. Aside from tradition, it can also let you embrace the true present-day culture of Turkey. This city is the perfect place to go to when you want to have a good grasp or better understanding of the need or methods to balance your own life. It will make you realize the possibility of the different aspects of your personality which exists harmoniously and simultaneously.

Grindavik, Iceland

This place has healing powers because it can touch the inner peace of every individual that was ones lost due to busy and hectic schedules of their individual lives. The place has a geothermal spa, called Blue Lagoon, which can cleanse your mind and body.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is Japan’s tranquil city. It is the perfect place to do away with your problems, anxieties, and frustrations caused by the rush of your everyday life. You can take a load off your time by just wandering in different places and buildings. You can wander in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and experience the stunning temples and breathtaking gardens. Kyoto is one of the cities in Japan, which is completely opposite from the frenzied pace of Japan’s capital, Tokyo. The city is the perfect place if you want to stop for a moment and take a time off to reflect on the past activities you have done so as to reconnect yourself with your inner personality.

Christchurch, New Zealand

The place has beautiful snow-capped mountain ranges that will give you a unique and tranquil experience. It also has urban landscapes and you will see the remarkable recovery of the city from the devastating earthquake.

Cape Town, South Africa

Few people would know that South Africa has a place that can offer or boost your personal growth. Cape Town is a city of South Africa, which is found in the southern tip of the country. This city will help you adapt to a different place which is outside of your comfort zone. It will give you a view on the terrifying racial injustice which is actually taking place.

If you are familiar with Nelson Mandela, when you go to this city, you will be inspired by his struggles and leadership in life. You will see how the shadows and darkness of discrimination. It will give you the opportunity to reflect on the kind of cultural identity you have in your community.

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco can boost your personal growth because it welcomes people no matter what place you came from. It opens its arms to people coming from all walks of life. You can relax or just visit the beautiful city and do some reflection by the bay. It will not let you feel that you need to open yourself to brand new experiences just to broaden or widen your horizons. This place will teach you to be open-minded and increase your tolerance when it comes to people who surround you. You can even try different cuisines and immerse yourself in a lot of cultures.

Krakow, Poland

When you are in this city, you will feel that you are in the modern day fairytale. You will be wandering around the Main Square. It is also a good place to educate yourself on the tragedies of the Holocaust and to remember the dark moments that will help you develop your fighting spirit.

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