7 Things That Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day

Planks are one of the commonly performed bodyweight exercises. It is one of the exercises that probably won’t go out of fashion because of its simplicity and practicality. Doing plank exercises will definitely help you strengthen your core and support your spine because of the enhanced abdominal muscles developed through this exercise. Below are the 7 things that will happen if you do planking every day.


Core Improvement

The most famous and widely-known effect of doing plank is that it will strengthen your core or other abdominal muscles such as the glutes, transverse abdominus, external oblique muscle, and rectus abdominus. Strengthening these abdominal muscles will help increase your ability to lift heavy weights, improve your capacity to do waist-twisting and other sports performance, and it will help give your booty a strong and better shape.

Risk Of Spinal Injury Decreased

As what was said earlier, performing planks will help support your spine. Aside from supporting your entire back, it will also help reduce the back pain you are usually experiencing. Explore on the different ways on how to do planks in different surfaces so that you will be able to strengthen your core effectively.


The key to effectively perform planks is to be flexible so that it will help in the expansion of your posterior muscle groups such as the collarbone, shoulders, and shoulder blades. It will also help your hamstrings, toes, and arches of your feet stretch.

Mental Benefits

Since you are performing an exercise every day, your mental faculties will be stimulated and more active. It will also help with the overall mood and avoid any mood swings that will affect your work. Aside from helping your brain to be calm, doing planks will also help in decreasing the symptoms of depression and can might as well treat your anxiety issues.

Boost In Metabolism

Your daily plank routine will help you boost metabolic rate. You can boost your metabolism without spending so much for a membership fee. Whether you are a beginner or you have been performing exercises for a very long time, doing planks will make it easier for you, and can surely help in the improvement of your metabolism and body structure. It requires no level of expertise in order to perform this bodyweight exercise.

Posture Improved

Apart from having a strong and better booty, doing planks will help you improve your body posture. It will help in the straightening and stabilization of your posture. This is made possible because of the fact that improvements in your abdominal muscles affect the condition of your chest, shoulders, and neck.

Overall Balance, Improved

Your balance will most likely be improved because in performing planks, balance is needed to make it effective. Planks with extensions and side planks will you balance your body and boost your performance in any kind of sporting activities.

Another advantage of planks from other types of exercises is that you can do this whether you are travelling or not. It requires no equipment for all you need to have is a flat surface and knowledge of the right way of execution.


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