8 New Features Of Google Photos You Should Know

Google Photos is a widely used gallery application on Android devices, be it smartphone or tablet. It allows you to smoothly manage all of your photos: the ones you download from the internet, the ones you receive on social applications and the ones you take yourself with the camera app. Although the basics are more than enough to ensure a pleasant user experience, let’s take it further and see what new features Google Photos brings to its users.


Just a pinch

You can now change perspective view with a simple pinch. You can display the thumbnails significantly larger by pinching outward or you can shrink them by making the same move inward. The latter technique allows you to see more images on the screen at the same time.

Let it swipe

You probably already know that Google Photos has different sections. You can now navigate through them by swiping left and right. From the main photos list you can swipe to Photos’ Assistant. Here you will be given several directions on how to improve your experience. Swipe right and you will reach Collections, a place where you organize your images in different albums.

Sort your pictures by month

The new Google Photos update allows you to organize all your images by the month when you took them. You will no longer bump into photos that you took last Christmas when you are looking for yesterday’s pics.

Create GIFs

This is a really cool thing you can do with Photos. Take some pictures in succession and the app will organize them into an animated GIF. The fun opportunities are limitless!

Never lose your photos

Thanks to the auto backup feature of the application, you can upload the photos to the cloud and access them from any deice connected to the internet. Having all your images in the same place makes your life a lot easier. Besides, what if your phone breaks and you have no other way to recover your pictures? Google Photos has brought you a solution.

Upload as many photos as you want

In the past, Photos had storage restrictions regarding to how much data you can upload but now, it’s limitless. Compress your images and upload as much content as you like. You can also save uncompressed originals and RAW files if you select the right key, namely “High resolution”.

Face recognition gone crazy

Google Photos is now able to distinguish between different faces. Are you looking for all the photos of your ex-girlfriend? Well, you just have to find one and the app will find the others for you. It has never been easier to delete all the pictures of your ex from your phone.

A better image editor

Although the old image editing feature was nice, this one is significantly simpler and allows you to edit photos in a smarter way. Moreover, you would actually switch to Snapseed if you want advanced photo editing features because there is a quick link within the Google Photos application. You will find it in the upper right corner while you are viewing a picture.

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