Lean Towards Laziness? Try These 10 Easy & Effortless Health Tips

The reason why many people don’t anything for their health is that they find it difficult or inconvenient in some way. The truth is it’s not big a deal. I am going to give 10 practical tips that even the laziest person on this planet would take to stay healthy.


Bored on commercial breaks?

Watching TV comes with lots and lots of time wasted watching commercials. If have no interest in learning what they’re selling, get off the couch and move your body. You could just dance foolishly around if you don’t feel like doing push-ups and sit ups, whatever works for you.

No more excuses

How many times haven’t you told yourself that if you had proper equipment you’d go to the gym after work? Do yourself a favor and keep a workout set of clothes at the office. Next time you will have no excuses to not hit the gym.

Set an alarm to drink water

According to body weight and level of activity, you should keep well hydrated. Calculate the necessary amount of water with online calculators and then set alarms on your phone to remind you to drink some.

Once a week shopping session

Don’t waste time at the supermarket more than once a week. Buy food for the entire week. Make sure to think in advance what things you need. Be careful not to buy too much food because it will waste away.

Switch to small plates

Small plates are actually big enough for one portion. If you use a larger plate you will add more food wanting to fill it properly. On the other hand, you will avoid putting much food on a smaller plate because it seems too much. A small plate gets filled easier than a large one.

Frozen food is your best friend

It was actually proven that frozen vegetables and fruits have more nutrients than fresh ones because they don’t degrade as time passes. Besides, frozen food is easy to prepare, it’s already chopped and sometimes pre-cooked.

Get a workout friend

Life in 2 it’s more beautiful, or so they say. All kidding aside, having a workout buddy can motivate you to do your exercise routine. When you are not in the mood, your friend is responsible to get you to the gym and vice versa.

Stock up on nuts and seeds

Whenever you have a craving, eat some walnuts, almonds or different seeds. They taste great and have essential fatty acids. Next time you feel the need to eat a snack, eat nuts or seeds and you will be ok.

Watch your favorite shows on the treadmill

A magnetic treadmill is not expensive and it takes little space when folded. Allow yourself to watch TV shows only when you are running on the treadmill and you will no longer feel guilty about wasting time in front of the TV.

Check your weight every day

If you don’t check your weight, you don’t notice you got fat until it’s too late. So, hop on the scale every morning before eating or drinking. That is the most reliable number.

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