8 Things That People Always Do Which Attract Office Drama

Do you know an individual who likes to work in a place full of drama and other deep grudges? None, right? Every individual, no matter how different each and everyone are, does not want to work in a place where there are constant unsettled grudges, hatred, frustration, anxiety, and battles. People will be more productive at what they are doing if they work in a place which is peaceful, fun, and worth staying. Thus, the venue or ambiance of a workplace can determine the productivity level of a company or corporation. Below are the 8 things that people do which attracts drama to their office coming from unprofessionalism and immaturity.


Right Is Might

This notion is neither true nor will it do your company or corporation any good. When you are always thinking that what you are doing or saying is never wrong or that you never make mistakes, you and you alone, is attracting drama into your office. You are inviting drama queens into your company, if not, you are creating one since you are the queen of all queens.

You should never deny the fact that you are just a simple human being who makes a mistake every time. You should never put the blame on others when it is truly your mistake. If it’s not your mistake, never dwell on the issue. Resolve it rather than making it big. Admit your errors and be careful at what you are saying because a simple word can mean a very big difference.

Grooming At Your Desk?

Your desk is your very own territory. You need to clean and tidy things up in order for you to work better. But, grooming yourself at your desk such as clipping your finger nails or toe nails, shaving your beard, or flossing your teeth are inappropriate acts which should be done in the comfort room and not at your desk. It will only irritate other individuals who can hear the sound of your clipping and flossing. Do your acts in appropriate places and make sure that you consider others before doing it.

Gossips And Trash-Talking

Engaging in trash-talking and gossips will definitely invite drama into the office. No trash-talking or gossip is every harmless. Thus, it will only create different kinds of drama. Gossips will create trouble in the office because wrong pieces of information may be established by those gossips. If you find yourself in the middle of a gossip and other side talks, think of a way to divert this issue and create a better solution so that it will not continue. You can even create escape phrases or not getting yourself attached to the issue.

Coercion Of Co-Workers

Do not try to coerce your colleagues in a topic that is not work related because personal interests will only create gossips and other issues that will invite drama into your office. Don’t try or even attempt to get your colleagues to involve them to your latest trend in life.

Personal Details

Over-sharing of your personal details is a big no-no. It is sufficient that you share some of the pieces of information on your personal details to somehow let others know of your personality. But, remember to don’t go way too deep.

Workplace Pet

Don’t try to become one of the favorites at the workplace. It will only lead others to take advantage of your capacity. Make sure to do your job as what you are told and not to exaggerate things by doing everything that is beyond your work description.

Control Your Ailment

You need to control your anxiety and other frustrations because it will not be healthy for the workplace because you will be transferring all those negative vibes to your colleagues. If you are sick, call the person in charge and stay at home.

No Digital Devices

Digital devices should not be allowed in the workplace since it can easily distract ever person in the office. It shall only be allowed during break times. The beeping and ringing of smartphones and other devices will only create distractions that can lower the productivity rate of the company.


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