10 Things Only People Who Grew Up In The South Would Know

The American South is famous for a lot of things, especially for its climate. When one is asked what he thinks about Southerners, some of these words would pop into his mind: lazy, fat, dumb, religious fanatics, racists. There are numerous stereotypes regarding the life in the American South. Some of them are true, some are completely inaccurate. You need to speak to open-minded individuals who live in that area in order to make a correct opinion about what the South is really like.


In this article I am going to debunk some of the most common myths about the South. Let’s examine 10 things that only those born and raised over there could understand.

1.Not everyone is overweight

Indeed, statistics indicate that Southern states have high obesity rates, somewhere above 30%, which represents a major problem. However, a recent study conducted by the University of Alabama shows that there are more obese people in some Northern states such as Minnesota and Kansas. Therefore, it’s wrong to label the Southerners as “fat”, since the highest obesity rates in the US are registered in the North.

2.Not all the people are uneducated

People consider education in the South very poor. Indeed, there are some middle and high schools that are at the bottom at the list nationwide, but many individuals tend to overlook on the fact that top-ranking universities exist as well.

3.Religion is very popular, but not exactly as you expect

The number of Christians in the South is very high, but there are numerous atheists too. Not everyone is overly religious. The practice of going to church on Sundays is deeply rooted, but do not imagine that every single person attends the preaching. Some are entirely not interested in religion.

4.The South is not full of farms

Movies on TV implanted in us the idea that every single person is a farm owner. It can’t be farther from the truth. While agriculture is widespread and the chances of encountering farms are very high, other industries are thriving as well.

5.There are a lot of snakes

The South is abundant in swamps and lakes, making it the perfect environment for snakes. For instance, water moccasins can be encountered throughout lots of Southern states.

6.Liberal thinking does exist

Personal experience led a lot of people to the conclusion that being a liberal in the South is tough. There are plenty of conservatives, but generalization is just wrong. Tons of people with liberal views were born and live over there.

7.The rural stereotype is false

From an economic point of view, the region is very diverse. The media perpetuates the misconception that the South lacks in industries. However, finance, real estate, construction and oil industries are blooming.

8.The South is very beautiful

Foreigners and those born in Northern US alike believe that the South is just a giant cotton plantation with boring landscapes. It is untrue. The destinations are diverse and one can admire some breathtaking sights on a trip throughout the South. Figures reveal that tourism in the area is booming. If you want to make a clearer idea of what you can see over there, there are numerous travel blogging articles on the web that worth reading.

9.There is more than one accent in the South

TV shows leave the impression that all southerners speak similarly, which is false. There is a wide range of accents in that region, and some people do not have an accent at all.

10. Lighting Bugs

In the South fireflies are called lighting bugs. You can’t have lived there without having caught lighting bugs in jars when you were a kid.

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