STD Dating Apps – The Top 5 and Why

Do you ever wonder if there is an application that will give you the result of your STD screening? If you have experienced getting your STD screening from a certain establishment, you feel that as if the world is crumbling under your feet. It will never be easy for anyone to take in the news, whether you have an STD or not. The results are sometimes life changing, but for some, it’s just not a big of a deal.


Before, discovering that one has an incurable STD like HSV, HIV, or HPV, means that they can never love another person again. They will have this mentality that they would spend their lives all alone without anyone to love as a partner. However, being diagnosed that you possess STD should not be the end of the world. Although it may be tough to handle, you should never give up on yourself. No one should think of giving up because, nowadays, there are numerous mobile applications which are specifically designed to meet, as well as, match people with STD. It will give them every hope of not giving up their lives. Here are the top and famous 5 dating applications that every individual can use.


Hope is a dating application for people who have STDs which can act as a mini social network. You can even upload your pictures, create a good personality profile, and interact with other individuals in order to find your true match.


This specifically designed dating application for HIV positive individuals is only made available in iOS devices. It even has a social networking feature that will allow you to socialize with other individuals who have the same case as you have.


MPWH is not made available in Android devices. Only iOS device users can have the opportunity to use and possess this application. If you are one of the individuals living their lives with Herpes, then, this is the perfect application for you. MPWH is a close community specifically designed for people who have this disease. It is active as an application, as well as, a website.

When you like the essence of privacy, MPWH can offer it. Your details laid down in your account and the entire profile can programmed to be hidden from other individuals. Only people who have attained your approval can have access to your profile. The application includes forums and blogs, wherein it enables you to ask questions from other people and share your problems and experiences, as well.


This dating application is available for both iOS and android devices. PositiveSingles is probably the most popular online platform for every individual, whether he or she has a short-term STD or long-term. With this application, the sort of STD you will have no longer matters. It is also available in personal computers as a website. PositiveSingles is user-friendly and have a highly interactive feature that will entice every individual to engage with someone and find their right partner.

The application also has a live counselor which answers every STD-related question in your mind and it even provides support in cases when problems would occur. As an add-on to the features of the application, it gives the user the opportunity to have a dating advisor when the tips for dating in the real world are not working for him or her. The dating advisor can help in finding your perfect match.


Hift is available on both Android and iOS digital devices. Just like MPWH, Hift offers a high level feature when it comes to privacy. No one will be able to access your profile nor can they message you as long as you do not show mutual interest. It will protect you from creeps and other annoying individuals that will only waste your time and effort.

This dating application is only available as an application and in no way can you have interaction with the use of its website. The Hift website only serves as an area for information regarding the application. Hift is a venue for individuals with HPV and HSV and it can accommodate them in looking for their soul mates.

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