The Workout to Add Inches to Your Chest

One of the desires of all men who are undergoing any type of workout is the development of a good and perfect looking chest muscles. Nothing can be hotter than having a perfectly-shaped and good chest muscle. Just like the other muscles in your body, the development of your chest muscles can only be made possible if you put in the right effort and the right exercise to your training methods.


You should focus on putting more effort into doing your exercises, especially when it comes to the clavicular and sternal pectoral muscles. It only shows that routine exercises which involve incline and decline press and dumbbell press are a good way to start in order to develop your chest muscles. Your primary objective should be to get stronger and increase your chest muscles.

There are numerous exercises that will help in the development of chest muscles, but only a few may be applicable to the type of muscles you have. In doing a routine workout, it is crucial that you should know the type of muscle you have. Take a closer look at it and determine the different ways or exercises that will be applicable to your body. In this way, you are able to know the capacity or limit of your body and to avoid muscle strain, fracture or fatigue.

Tips On How To Grow Fast

There are numerous studies that would show that doing a 6-12 repetition will give your body the best result. Executing more than 12 repetitions will only ruin the good form and would lead to fatigue and strain as what was said earlier.

Another thing you should remember is to consider the style of fly’s and bench-press you are going to perform. Do not perform a lock-out because it will only work your triceps instead of your chest and it will only cause tension that can lead you to shift your focus. Also, do not perform a chest muscle exercise in several consecutive days because it will only cause the overall decline of your body’s performance and strength.

The right choice of food will also affect your workout and its results. You should choose the right amount carb combination and protein that is compatible with the type of body you have. Deficiency of overdoes of carb combination and protein intakes can be detrimental to your health. The right kind of fuel will lead to your advantage in achieving that perfect chest muscle.

That Perfect Chest Workout

In developing your chest muscles, you already know that consecutive workout will cause you negative effects. Thus, it is best to do this workout routine only twice or thrice a week. At least you won’t have to overdo yourself and you still going to have more time doing things which are more important.

You can perform a barbell bench press (8 sets of 3 repetitions), dumbbell floor press (4 sets of 8 repetitions), child’s pose breathing (10 sets of 3 repetitions), Ring pushups (4 sets of 8 repetitions), Facepulls (4 sets of 8 repetitions), bear crawls (3 sets of 30 yards), and single arm waiters walk (3 sets of 15 yards).

With this routine, you will be able to achieve that perfect chest muscle. But, it is important that you should do your work not only with the use of your heart for the determination and perseverance, it should be coupled with your brain because knowledge on the right type of workout will make things easier. Also, doing heavy sets coupled with a short rest period will boost your testosterone level as well as your growth hormone. This is according to the study made by the Journal of Applied Physiology.

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