10 Best Tools To Optimize and Audit CSS Code

As a language used to create webpages and blogs layouts, CSS is essential for far more eye-catching layouts without having to spend a lot of time coding it in the process. However, CSS can only be effective when the person using it allows it to do so. If the code is awkward and redundant, instead of getting a pretty website you will get a slow and hideous looking website. To prevent that from happening, these are the 10 CSS tools which will make sure that your code runs perfectly without having to spend a lot of time in doing it:



Designed to save you time by managing a lot of complicated elements for you, Blueprint applies a very easy to use grid with actually a handful of practical plugins. Blueprint is popular for a more experienced CSS coder, but once you get the hang of it, you may never actually consider other CSS frameworks ever.

CSS Compressor

CSS Compressor guarantees that your CSS performance will be superb by decreasing your CSS code’s size and therefore causing your website to load significantly faster in return. You only have to paste the code into the provided box and choose ‘compress’. Even more, you can opt for four different compression levels before you choose to do it.

CSS Lint

First and foremost, CSS Lint will help you in fixing your code’s appearance in addition to avoiding mistakes which cause it to be slow and erroneous. Very quick and easy to use, you can actually choose how many rules you want to apply or even create your own in CSS Lint.


An all time star, Adobe’s Dreamweaver enables you to create complicated and outstanding web designs without having to spend your entire life in doing so. It provides a handful of pre-designed CSS layouts which you can choose from, but you are also given the choice to do all the designing through the visual editor. Dreamweaver also contains the mandatory search and replace function.


With its free limited option and very easy drag-and-drop interface, iPlotz will actualy let you to create and iterate website mockups on the fly when you start to plan and create your CSS Code. Just make sure that you are not the type of person who prefers not to design using the browser, and you will be good to go.


By using Notepad++, you will find it much easier to write and amend your CSS code. Notepad++ is used by coders from all groups and origins due it its ability to open multiple tabs simultaneously, enabling powerful search and replace functions. It is also featured with color coded formatting and handy line numbers, making it easier and more fun for coders to create their CSS code.


Procssor is especially helpful when you have a lot of people editing the same website at the same time as it provides the feature of different opinions on line indenting and starting new lines. A favorite tool to clean up your CSS when your CSS code is messy to look at, because Procssor will tidy it up nicely and maintain it to be nice and consistent.

Replace Genius

Replace Genius actually allows you to utilize a more complicated advanced search and replace rules across different documents to make your changes applicable to all. It is great for a more experienced CSS coder because even if you are accustomed in writing your CSS well, you still are encouraged to have an editable single shit which will trigger changes across the whole site.

Simple Custom CSS

Associated with the popular choice of website builder – WordPress, Simple Custom CSS is a basic tool to easily add CSS that will overwrite your current active theme. This may be a great start for people who do not have even the slightest knowledge of what CSS actually is and how it works.


Specifically made to be the best CSS editor on earth, Stylizer can be used on both Windows and Mac OS with eight built in browsers which will allow you to make sure that your site looks beautiful across all of them. Stylizer also provides a nice live preview while the job is on progress, however it is quite simple that even CSS rookie can find it to be useful.


4 Reasons Why There’s A Point To Everything We Do

Going through an identity crisis is very common not only among teens, but also among adults of all ages. It’s something natural to start asking yourself questions like “What’s the purpose of it all?” or “What role do I play in this infinitely large universe?” or “What should I do in order to live a meaningful life?”. It’s also a sign that you become more mature intellectually.

We go to work, we hang out with friends of Fridays, we go jogging, we watch movies and so on. Life is supposed to be funny, but we always feel empty on the inside for some reason. Below I am going to present the four most important concepts that will help you realize that life’s more than just a meaningless routine.


#4 Goals

Maybe in order to overcome a bad phase you started reading inspirational books. They all place emphasis on the fact that everyone has a purpose. Except that your experiences led to the conclusion that you are the only human being who doesn’t. Soon you will realize that you are not that special after all.

We feel adrift because we have no goals to accomplish. Setting objectives and striving to achieve them will provide the necessary motivation to keep moving on no matter how hard things seem to be. Whether it’s building a toothpick city or losing weight or visiting Japan, you need to have a life goal. This is the only way you will be able to live life to the fullest, enjoying every bit of it.

#3 Willpower

Unexpected situations and bad decisions can let you depleted of confidence in your abilities. No books, movies or famous quotes will help one regain faith in his strengths. Instead, intrinsic motivation can make miracles. Change the way you perceive the world, modify your thinking patterns and you will see improvements sooner than you think.

First, you need an attitude adjustment. Going from pessimistic to optimistic takes time and dedication, but your perspective will change entirely along with your attitude. If you go down that path you should seek for the help and support of the people around you. If that is not enough, there are numerous online communities where people who undergo the process of inner change share thoughts on enlightening life experiences.

#2 A broader horizon

In order to expand your perspectives, getting out of the comfort zone is a must. Maybe it’s time to stop complaining and start paying attention to the suffering around you. Evaluate your behaviour and put an end to any destructive attitudes. Felling anxious, nervous and angry all the time will inflict pain on others, making their life miserable.

Routine is a dream killer. Doing the same things over and over again will only fuel frustration and depression, turning your life into a living hell. Spreading love will help you cope with feeling directionless, lost and confused.

Psychologists recommend practicing meditation on a daily basis in order to relieve stress and get your mind off things that wreck your health. A small meditation session in the morning will boost your emotional wellness.

#1 Joy

For each one of us, happiness means something different. For instance, hiking can make one euphoric, while for others reading books is the most exciting activity. Answering the question “What makes me happy?” is easier said than done, but once you discover your real passions, you will live a fulfilling life for sure.

Also, bear in mind that material goods will not always bring the satisfaction you expect. Media propagates the idea that the larger your bank account is and the more physical goods you gather, the happy you are. Don’t let yourself fooled by the capitalist way of thinking and don’t put a price tag on human beings.

To sum up, a clear sense of how the perfect life looks like will allow you to put in the effort to make the impossible possible. Life is precious, and you are the only one who can make changes occur.

5 Things Allergy Sufferers Want You To Know

Tons of people are excited every time fall season starts. The changes in the nature, favorite foods which are only cooked during fall season, and that dreading impending cold are just some of the reasons why people get excited during fall season. However, to some people like those who are allergy sufferers, anxiously prepares themselves for the upcoming traditional back, head, and other body ache that they will undergo during this festive season. Every allergy sufferer knows that he has to prepare his body for the festive season and at the same time, prepare for the worst allergy effect. For all those who do not experience these aches, here are the 5 things that most allergy sufferers want to say.


Rare Comfortable Atmosphere

Comfortable atmosphere during fall season can rarely be found by these allergy sufferers. Since the climate cannot be controlled, comfortable atmosphere is not one of the options available for them. While most people sit in front of a campfire or stay in a heated home, allergy sufferers would fear that impending nose bleed caused by that atmosphere. The hot dry air that enters their sinuses ensures this dreadful effect.

Important: Tissues And Sanitizers

Since most symptoms involve postnasal drip, sinus pressure, and other nasal symptoms, tissues and sanitizers are very much included in their budget. Allergy sufferers will never go out of the house during the fall season without tissues and sanitizers in their bag, especially when it is at the peak of allergy attacks. A lot of factors may start a slur of sneezes and nostril irritations which will surely force an allergy sufferer to rest with tissues and sanitizers by their side.

Red, Itchy, And Watery Eyes Are Not Necessarily Needed

Allergy sufferers would normally say that they do not really need to acquire these red, itchy, and watery eyes in order to have their allergy attack going. Although this symptom may be a sign of an allergy attack, there are still several indicators since this is not the only sign of having an allergy attack. Aside from this allergy symptom, sinus pressure can also be one of the signs. Since it has no visible sign, sinus pressure has rarely been noted, although it is one of the not so bittersweet experiences during the fall season for all allergy sufferers. Tension headache, lethargy, and postnasal drip are other common allergy symptoms.

Prescription Medication: Pain Is Alleviated

The best pal of allergy sufferers during this season is their prescription medications. Although it does really cure the symptoms of the allergy attacks, at least it can alleviate the pain during those worst times. They are normally punctual about their medication dosage and ensure that they constantly have these medications with them.

Dreaded Night-Time

Most normally people can have a good night’s sleep during this season, but for allergy sufferers, they dread nighttime. The reason for this is that during nighttime, they would normally have difficulty breathing while lying down on their beds due to sneezing, tension headache, postnasal drip, and sinus pressure.

The life of an allergy sufferer is never easy. It can be one of the most challenging parts during the fall season since they need to accustom themselves with the changes of the atmosphere and deal with the painful symptoms.

4 Reasons You Haven’t Invested in The Stock Market Yet

Although the stock market proved to be very profitable for people who know their way around stocks trading, less than half of American adult population invests money in this industry. According to a study conducted by Bankrate, only 48% of American trade in the stock market. Why do you think this is happening?


What do surveys say?

Bankrate performed a survey asking Americans why they avoid the stock market. 53% of responders said they don’t have the necessary money to go down this road. 21% argue their choice through their lack of knowledge in the field and 9% think that stockbrokers are not trustworthy.

An even smaller number, 7% have the impression that it is risky to trade stocks. The remaining responders didn’t know why they stay out of it or they had completely different reasons, while 1% simply refused to answer. Now, let’s take each of the 4 reasons and discuss them in more depth.

Not having enough money

Considering that there are plenty of Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck, there is no surprise there are so many people who think this. The majority of responders who gave this answer had an income lower than $30,000 per year.

The problem is that if you don’t think beyond the present day, you will have a hard time during old age. Social security payment doesn’t even cover basic expenses, so it’s time to save some money for worse times by investing a small amount now.

Try this: put aside a small percentage of your monthly salary for 12 months. This should be enough to open an investment account and get started with stocks to secure your future life.

Not knowing how to do it

This is the worst excuse you can find. We no longer live in the 50’s when information was hard to come across. Thanks to this awesome thing that we call the internet, you can learn everything you need to know without spending a dime.

There are sites with very useful tutorials and thousands of online books you can read on this topic. Moreover, you can connect with traders for insights and tricks. Online trading forums are extremely valuable sources of information.

There are too many risks

Trading stocks is not exact science, there is a lot of uncertainty in this market but thorough research, intuition and a bit of luck will bring you success. Do you think that people who invested in Google at the beginning knew it was going to be such a huge success? No, but they are now millionaires because they took a chance. It’s true you can lose it all with a very bad deal, but you can’t win without playing.

Not trusting stockbrokers

There are plenty of scams and you must be very careful about what you put your money into but it is definitely worth the effort. Stockbrokers’ main purpose is to make profit, just like you do, so you may understand that all tactics will be put to use. Therefore, you must make sure you pull more toward meeting your own goal and less toward the broker’s goal.

There are several types of brokers. The main distinction is made between regular brokers who deal directly with clients, and broker-resellers who connect the client with a larger broker. Another way to categorize brokers is by full-service or discount.

Full-service brokers are more expensive and they may not be suitable for young people with little money. Before making a choice, you may want to ask for free advice online or to talk with a stock trader that you trust.

10 Wedding Ideas That Let You Geek Out On Your Big Day

For some people, a romantic, all-white wedding with pastel colored bridesmaid’s gown is a fairytale ending coming true. Others, wanting a stand-out and memorable weddings, may choose to embrace their inner geek and let it all out during the Big Day.


If you are one of them, these wedding ideas will let your inner geek out without spoiling the day:

A Costume Play Wedding

It may be you or it may be your significant other – but if you are a devoted comic or science fiction lover, then a costume play wedding ceremony may make your once in a lifetime experience to be greater than ever. Have the brides and grooms to dress as their favorite character, or if not, have the bridesmaids and best men as well as the guest to leave their suits and gowns home, and play with costumes! If you still cannot picture it, here is an example of a Flintstone costume play wedding.

Personalized Geeky Wedding Cake

Instead of the old and boring three-tiered wedding cake with flower decorations on top, a personalized wedding cake which can be in the shape of either your favorite character, your favorite game scene or even in the shape of your favorite comic book may represent you and your significant other better!

Code & Programming Themed Wedding Invitation

If you are into IT or programming and if you believe that all people should know the beauty of programming language even though only a small number of them actually understand, then you may share your interest by creating a programming themed wedding invitation, although do not make it to hard or else they will not understand it.

Mathematical Equation Wedding Rings

There is nothing more romantic than having sin^2(x) and cos^2(x) written as you and your partner’s ring engraving. Other people may raise their eyebrows and ask “why?”. Why, you said, because sin^2(x) + cos^2(x) = 1 and the excitement and understanding of the concept is exactly why you love your partner more than everything else in the world.

Chemical Bonds Table Cards

Because having a simple table card with only the name of guests and their allotted seat will never satisfy the geek out of you. Incorporating science into the smallest bits of detail, including chemistry table cards, will make you not only look smarter but it will also bring a smile to your guest’s face because it is just so so science-y.

Periodic Tables Seating Chart

Save the time to write all of your guests’ full name into a card, and write only their initials instead! To make things even more interesting, place a “periodic table of tables” in the entrance of the reception area and let your guests know about which initials are designated for them.

Game Themed Pre-wedding Photograph

If your family will never ever accept the concept of a costume play wedding, incorporating your favorite games into your pre-wedding photograph may become a solution. Your pre-wedding photographs will still bring the geeky atmosphere alive, but avoids the overwhelming preparation that your family or guests may have to go through to be involved in a full blown costume party.

Dragon or Alien Themed Feast

Maximize your guest’s geeky experience by letting them eat what looks like (or even tastes like) foods which are coming from fantasy land. Talk to your catering or food service about adding a little dash of creativity and serve Dragon or Alien themed feast.

Fantasy Land Background Music

Do you have a specific music piece from your favorite game or animation which will be the perfect background music for your wedding as Kingdom Hearts players may directly remember the song ‘Sanctuary’? Then go for it!

Princess Leia Flower Girls

Hardcore Star Wars fans, this one is for you! Instead of dressing your flower girls with the usual bouncy satin gowns and flower crowns on top, Princess Leia will definitely be an option. This style will also work as the bride herself if a full blown Star Wars wedding is to be carried out, however if not then it will be suitable for either the flower girls or the bridesmaids.

You’ll Be Stunned How iPhone Costs Differently Around the World

We all know that iPhones are expensive, there is no doubt about this. The Apple company has recently announced they had the highest earnings in their history going beyond the threshold of $200 billion, a bit less than what the US spends on federal pensions. Quite impressive it seems.


There is no surprise though regarding the high earnings of Apple. Compared with other phones that have similar specifications, the prices of Apple products go through the roof.

An older version of iPhones, the 5S costs only $200 in the US if you buy it on contract. This happens because phone carriers pay the costs upfront. Thing is that if you get a contract for 2 years, you end up paying a lot more money than if you made a single down payment.

Disregarding the option to buy an iPhone on contract, the average price of a new iPhone is $660. You can buy a pretty good PC with this kind of money. Still, why is the price of iPhones so high and more importantly how does it differ from one country to another?

What is unique to iPhones?

The price could somehow be justified by the features of iPhones. The design is indeed unique, up to the iPhone 6 at least. The Retina display is particular to Apple devices and has twice as more pixels in each direction thus obtaining a quadrupled resolution.

When you buy an iPhone you gain free access to the App Store that has a lot more to offer than Windows and Android. You also get free software updates. Although Android users get them too, iOS updates are released simultaneously for all iPhone models. The software on older Android devices stops being renewed at some point and the newest phones receive the update first.

How much do you pay for an iPhone?

Well, it depends on where you live. If you live in Canada, you enjoy the cheapest price of only $647. US citizens are also happy since they pay only $2 more than Canadians. The next best prices are in Japan $699 and New Zealand $702. Similar prices are found in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore where you pay around $20 more than in Japan.

However, at the other end of the continuum, there are Brazil and Turkey. The most expensive iPhone is sold in Brazil with $1107 followed by Turkey with $1015.Things don’t look good in Hungary, Sweden and Indonesia either where you have to pay $871, $876 and $863 respectively. Moreover, contrary to popular belief that everything is cheap in China, an iPhone is quite expensive: $851.

Still, who can afford it?

In the USA, the cost of an iPhone represents 1.6% of the annual household income whereas in Indonesia this number is equal to 39.3%. This means that an iPhone is cheap for Americans but very expensive for Indonesians due to their low annual incomes. Apart from this, people from Luxembourg (1.9%), South Korea (1.8%) and Hong Kong (2.0%) can easily afford an iPhone whereas the citizens of Philippines (33.2%), India (26.6%) and South Africa (15.7%) can’t.

6 Tips To Let Go Of Being Liked And To Have A Better Career

It’s human nature for us all to want to be liked by everyone. We as humans feel the need to please and accommodate our fellow peers and fear upsetting them or making them angry. However, in order to truly shine in your careers, and in all aspects of your life, you need to let go of this desire to please everyone and begin to think more about yourself. Here are six suggestions as to how you could stop caring so much about what people think of you and strive in your life and your career.


Just say ‘No!’

It’s hard to say no to people, we know. The desire to please within us all hates this word. But to truly shine in your career you need to learn to say no more often. Learn to use the word no if the task or question at hand will not align with your goals and visions. If you agreed to every task or job that was asked of you, you’d have a high volume of tasks to do at once, and wouldn’t be able to do any of them effectively.

Be Honest

So often people will sugarcoat things and avoid the harsh truth if a job or outcome isn’t good enough. But the fact is that honest feedback will benefit the whole team and company, and although the person in question might be initially upset or angry, they will soon get over it and learn from your critique. Beating around the bush in the workplace does no one any good.

Take Risks

Dream big, hope high, and go for what you want. Once you eliminate the worries of what people may think of you, it is so much easier to take risks and make decisions that will help you reach your goals. The courage you show will usually be rewarded, and even if not, you learn that a setback is a setup for a comeback. Take risks and ignore what the naysayers may have to say. They will never reach their dream vision.

Stick To Your Guns

There will always be times when tough decisions will have to be made, and when you make one, make sure you stick to it. Whatever the decision, if it’s an important one, there will always be those who disapprove or are anxious. To be a great leader and team member, you must analyse and call these tough decisions, even if it might put a few noses out of joint. All successful leaders will tell you that sometimes an unpopular decision is what is ultimately best for the business.

Concentrate On Your Goals

You know what your goals are, and what you are driving towards. Don’t get distracted by others with their office gossip, slacking off and other miscellaneous tasks. Stay focused on the tasks at hand, and make sure you do it to the best of your ability.

Be Yourself!

Finally, make sure that you always stay true to who you are. Proudly express your dislikes and weaknesses, it won’t matter what people may think of you. Seeking approval only represses your true self and destroys your freedom. Be proud of who you are, accept there will be some that won’t like you and move on. Excel in your career.