Timy Alarm Clock: An App To Help You Get Up With Fun

Do you tend to use your smartphone as your alarm clock as well? If yes, I recommend you use Timy Alarm Clock because it has every feature of an alarm clock and can help you get up from bed with fun. Unfortunately, this alarm clock app is not made available in the iPhone App Store. Only Android smartphone users can benefit from this. With Timy alarm clock, you won’t have to use your typical stock alarm application on your phone; you will have to wake up with more fun rather than waking up to that boring tone. For all those who use the stock alarm application, there will always come a time that you feel bored and you will begin to look for more flare. Timy alarm clock can definitely offer you that flare.


What Can The App Offer

Timy Alarm Clock can offer you all the basic features of your typical stock alarm application. These basic features are as follows: the option to set or reset several alarms, snooze button, and the capability to play your very own music or sound.

What makes Timy Alarm Clock different from other alarm clock applications is the mere fact that it has the ability to force every individual to wake up actively. When your smartphone begins to ring or alarm at five in the morning, you can either play some of the little on-screen games offered by Timy or you can simply choose to hit the snooze button in order to dismiss the alarm. You bet! Timy alarm clock doubles the fun because of its on-screen game. If you are a person who loves playing games early in the morning, Timy alarm clock will surely beat your expectation.

Basically, what you need to do is to “annoy” that cute little animal on your phone’s screen. As soon as your alarm sets off at five in the morning, Timy alarm Clock will immediately pop a cute little animal character on your screen. Instead of the typical pressing of your snooze button, you will wake up at something cute and adorable. You can dismiss the alarm as soon as you finish pressing several keys that will help you win the game. This process or simple game can also help you because it will ease up your state of sleep into a typical semi-wakefulness state.

The on-screen game will force you to get up from your bed because the alarm won’t go off if you didn’t play the game. The alarm will never be dismissed if you do not play the game. It will avoid the common scenario of choosing the snooze button and immediately go back to sleep after the alarm has been dismissed.

Interface And Other Features

The interface of Timy alarm clock is slightly akin to that of the Apple’s clock application. With this, the application will be more user friendly compared to other alarm clock application. Timy Alarm Clock also has multiple alarms with 3 little cute characters to annoy such as cat, bunny, and a dog. It even has 3 levels.

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