5 Things Allergy Sufferers Want You To Know

Tons of people are excited every time fall season starts. The changes in the nature, favorite foods which are only cooked during fall season, and that dreading impending cold are just some of the reasons why people get excited during fall season. However, to some people like those who are allergy sufferers, anxiously prepares themselves for the upcoming traditional back, head, and other body ache that they will undergo during this festive season. Every allergy sufferer knows that he has to prepare his body for the festive season and at the same time, prepare for the worst allergy effect. For all those who do not experience these aches, here are the 5 things that most allergy sufferers want to say.


Rare Comfortable Atmosphere

Comfortable atmosphere during fall season can rarely be found by these allergy sufferers. Since the climate cannot be controlled, comfortable atmosphere is not one of the options available for them. While most people sit in front of a campfire or stay in a heated home, allergy sufferers would fear that impending nose bleed caused by that atmosphere. The hot dry air that enters their sinuses ensures this dreadful effect.

Important: Tissues And Sanitizers

Since most symptoms involve postnasal drip, sinus pressure, and other nasal symptoms, tissues and sanitizers are very much included in their budget. Allergy sufferers will never go out of the house during the fall season without tissues and sanitizers in their bag, especially when it is at the peak of allergy attacks. A lot of factors may start a slur of sneezes and nostril irritations which will surely force an allergy sufferer to rest with tissues and sanitizers by their side.

Red, Itchy, And Watery Eyes Are Not Necessarily Needed

Allergy sufferers would normally say that they do not really need to acquire these red, itchy, and watery eyes in order to have their allergy attack going. Although this symptom may be a sign of an allergy attack, there are still several indicators since this is not the only sign of having an allergy attack. Aside from this allergy symptom, sinus pressure can also be one of the signs. Since it has no visible sign, sinus pressure has rarely been noted, although it is one of the not so bittersweet experiences during the fall season for all allergy sufferers. Tension headache, lethargy, and postnasal drip are other common allergy symptoms.

Prescription Medication: Pain Is Alleviated

The best pal of allergy sufferers during this season is their prescription medications. Although it does really cure the symptoms of the allergy attacks, at least it can alleviate the pain during those worst times. They are normally punctual about their medication dosage and ensure that they constantly have these medications with them.

Dreaded Night-Time

Most normally people can have a good night’s sleep during this season, but for allergy sufferers, they dread nighttime. The reason for this is that during nighttime, they would normally have difficulty breathing while lying down on their beds due to sneezing, tension headache, postnasal drip, and sinus pressure.

The life of an allergy sufferer is never easy. It can be one of the most challenging parts during the fall season since they need to accustom themselves with the changes of the atmosphere and deal with the painful symptoms.


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