4 Reasons Why There’s A Point To Everything We Do

Going through an identity crisis is very common not only among teens, but also among adults of all ages. It’s something natural to start asking yourself questions like “What’s the purpose of it all?” or “What role do I play in this infinitely large universe?” or “What should I do in order to live a meaningful life?”. It’s also a sign that you become more mature intellectually.

We go to work, we hang out with friends of Fridays, we go jogging, we watch movies and so on. Life is supposed to be funny, but we always feel empty on the inside for some reason. Below I am going to present the four most important concepts that will help you realize that life’s more than just a meaningless routine.


#4 Goals

Maybe in order to overcome a bad phase you started reading inspirational books. They all place emphasis on the fact that everyone has a purpose. Except that your experiences led to the conclusion that you are the only human being who doesn’t. Soon you will realize that you are not that special after all.

We feel adrift because we have no goals to accomplish. Setting objectives and striving to achieve them will provide the necessary motivation to keep moving on no matter how hard things seem to be. Whether it’s building a toothpick city or losing weight or visiting Japan, you need to have a life goal. This is the only way you will be able to live life to the fullest, enjoying every bit of it.

#3 Willpower

Unexpected situations and bad decisions can let you depleted of confidence in your abilities. No books, movies or famous quotes will help one regain faith in his strengths. Instead, intrinsic motivation can make miracles. Change the way you perceive the world, modify your thinking patterns and you will see improvements sooner than you think.

First, you need an attitude adjustment. Going from pessimistic to optimistic takes time and dedication, but your perspective will change entirely along with your attitude. If you go down that path you should seek for the help and support of the people around you. If that is not enough, there are numerous online communities where people who undergo the process of inner change share thoughts on enlightening life experiences.

#2 A broader horizon

In order to expand your perspectives, getting out of the comfort zone is a must. Maybe it’s time to stop complaining and start paying attention to the suffering around you. Evaluate your behaviour and put an end to any destructive attitudes. Felling anxious, nervous and angry all the time will inflict pain on others, making their life miserable.

Routine is a dream killer. Doing the same things over and over again will only fuel frustration and depression, turning your life into a living hell. Spreading love will help you cope with feeling directionless, lost and confused.

Psychologists recommend practicing meditation on a daily basis in order to relieve stress and get your mind off things that wreck your health. A small meditation session in the morning will boost your emotional wellness.

#1 Joy

For each one of us, happiness means something different. For instance, hiking can make one euphoric, while for others reading books is the most exciting activity. Answering the question “What makes me happy?” is easier said than done, but once you discover your real passions, you will live a fulfilling life for sure.

Also, bear in mind that material goods will not always bring the satisfaction you expect. Media propagates the idea that the larger your bank account is and the more physical goods you gather, the happy you are. Don’t let yourself fooled by the capitalist way of thinking and don’t put a price tag on human beings.

To sum up, a clear sense of how the perfect life looks like will allow you to put in the effort to make the impossible possible. Life is precious, and you are the only one who can make changes occur.


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