10 Best Tools To Optimize and Audit CSS Code

As a language used to create webpages and blogs layouts, CSS is essential for far more eye-catching layouts without having to spend a lot of time coding it in the process. However, CSS can only be effective when the person using it allows it to do so. If the code is awkward and redundant, instead of getting a pretty website you will get a slow and hideous looking website. To prevent that from happening, these are the 10 CSS tools which will make sure that your code runs perfectly without having to spend a lot of time in doing it:



Designed to save you time by managing a lot of complicated elements for you, Blueprint applies a very easy to use grid with actually a handful of practical plugins. Blueprint is popular for a more experienced CSS coder, but once you get the hang of it, you may never actually consider other CSS frameworks ever.

CSS Compressor

CSS Compressor guarantees that your CSS performance will be superb by decreasing your CSS code’s size and therefore causing your website to load significantly faster in return. You only have to paste the code into the provided box and choose ‘compress’. Even more, you can opt for four different compression levels before you choose to do it.

CSS Lint

First and foremost, CSS Lint will help you in fixing your code’s appearance in addition to avoiding mistakes which cause it to be slow and erroneous. Very quick and easy to use, you can actually choose how many rules you want to apply or even create your own in CSS Lint.


An all time star, Adobe’s Dreamweaver enables you to create complicated and outstanding web designs without having to spend your entire life in doing so. It provides a handful of pre-designed CSS layouts which you can choose from, but you are also given the choice to do all the designing through the visual editor. Dreamweaver also contains the mandatory search and replace function.


With its free limited option and very easy drag-and-drop interface, iPlotz will actualy let you to create and iterate website mockups on the fly when you start to plan and create your CSS Code. Just make sure that you are not the type of person who prefers not to design using the browser, and you will be good to go.


By using Notepad++, you will find it much easier to write and amend your CSS code. Notepad++ is used by coders from all groups and origins due it its ability to open multiple tabs simultaneously, enabling powerful search and replace functions. It is also featured with color coded formatting and handy line numbers, making it easier and more fun for coders to create their CSS code.


Procssor is especially helpful when you have a lot of people editing the same website at the same time as it provides the feature of different opinions on line indenting and starting new lines. A favorite tool to clean up your CSS when your CSS code is messy to look at, because Procssor will tidy it up nicely and maintain it to be nice and consistent.

Replace Genius

Replace Genius actually allows you to utilize a more complicated advanced search and replace rules across different documents to make your changes applicable to all. It is great for a more experienced CSS coder because even if you are accustomed in writing your CSS well, you still are encouraged to have an editable single shit which will trigger changes across the whole site.

Simple Custom CSS

Associated with the popular choice of website builder – WordPress, Simple Custom CSS is a basic tool to easily add CSS that will overwrite your current active theme. This may be a great start for people who do not have even the slightest knowledge of what CSS actually is and how it works.


Specifically made to be the best CSS editor on earth, Stylizer can be used on both Windows and Mac OS with eight built in browsers which will allow you to make sure that your site looks beautiful across all of them. Stylizer also provides a nice live preview while the job is on progress, however it is quite simple that even CSS rookie can find it to be useful.

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