How Your Sleep Position Can Impact Your Brain’s Waste Removal

A recent study performed at Stony Brook University has led researchers to believe that sleeping in the wrong position can have dire consequences, as it has a crucial impact on your brain’s waste removal process. You may end up increasing your chances of developing neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s later on in your life, without even knowing what you’re doing wrong.


Let’s first understand what we mean by brain waste, and how its improper removal may have devastating effects on your health.

Understanding the Workings of the Brain

The brain is the most overworked organ of the body. Every other organ and organ system works because the brain works to make it so. With all this work that the brain carries out on a regular basis, there is a ton of waste buildup that requires disposal. Of course the brain doesn’t have a garbage truck come by every morning to pick up its trash, but it does have its own system for cleaning- the glymphatic system.

A complex structured system of pipes works hard to clear the brain waste, functioning much like the way the lymphatic system works to clean rest of our body. This system for waste removal wasn’t discovered up until very recently, when a research group at the Rochester Medical Center University made the fascinating discovery.

What Is Brain Waste?

Now coming to the question: What is brain waste? To put it simply, brain waste is a mixture of tau proteins and amyloids that are no longer useful and need to be taken away. And it is precisely these molecules’ buildup that may increase your risk of developing Alzheimer and many other types of neurological disorders, and seriously impact your health negatively.

The glymphatic system remains functional throughout the day, however it is the most active when a person is asleep, and that is when the removal of waste proteins becomes possible. Without the glymphatic system to clean the mess, these non-soluble proteins will continue to pile up, causing a plaque to form over the brain cells and unleashing terror on the nervous system. Scary, isn’t it?

How the Study Was Conducted

The recent study on the relation between sleep position and brain waste removal was conducted using MRI and contrast dye; this was to trace the glymphatic system and then track the movements of substance it uses for waste-clearing and this was done on the brains of mice that had been anesthetized. The mice were lying in three diverse positions – supine (on their back), prone (on their stomach), and lateral (side).

The study tracked the rates at which waste was removed in these three individual positions, and found that the lateral sleeping position had a great advantage.

As of now, the study has to be performed on humans, but still there are many good things we may learn from this study’s conclusion. Dr. Nedergaard, co-author of this study, explains,” Our finding brings new insight into this topic by showing it is also important what position you sleep in.”

The analysis over and over again proved that glymphatic transport is the most competent in the side position when you compare it to the back or stomach positions. And although there is still not enough proof to convince the diehard stomach and back sleepers to amend their positions, there is hope for those who have a history of Alzheimer in their family.


5 Breathing Exercises To Relax Your Mind


Breathing correctly is very important in body and mind relaxation, especially if you are serious about practicing yoga and meditation. It is so easy to not even think consciously about our breathing, but if you do consider it and work on it you could be amazed at the amount of benefits it could bring. Many believe it to be pointless or don’t understand it, but the fact is controlling and managing your breathing can not only help you relax and achieve calmness, but it can help your nervous system, digestive system and lowers your blood pressure. So if you aren’t meditating or concentrating on your breathing habits, here are 5 breathing techniques to get you started to help your physical and mental health.


Sama Vritti or Equal Breathing


Possibly the simplest technique we will discuss here, and best practiced before bed time. This exercise is great for stress or nerves, so if you have a big meeting in the morning give this one a try!


Inhale while counting to four, then repeat the process while exhaling. All breathing should be done through the nose, and once you have been implementing the technique for a while, you can increase the number of seconds slowly.


Ujjayi or Ocean Breath


If you have had an extremely frustrating or irritating day that has left you angry and on edge, then this technique should come to your aid. You could also perform it in the morning.


Inhale much deeper than you would usually do, and then breathe out again through your nose. However during this exercise try and constrict your throat muscles so that your exhale sounds like an ocean wave.


Complete Belly Breath


We all sometimes get anxious and worry about particular situations or problems. This exercise can be great for an overactive imagination. Also try laying down for this one.


Relax your abdominal muscles and rest your hands upon your belly. Inhale deeply and feel your ribcage and abdomen rise, and then once you have reached the peak of inhalation take a pause. This pause can last for a breath or longer if you are used to the technique. To finish, exhale slowly and calmly, contracting your abdominal muscles ever so slightly.


Mindful Breathing


Another great exercise for stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, take five minutes during your day whenever you begin to develop these feelings and worries.


Make sure you are sitting comfortably, and then inhale deeply through your nose. Then exhale slowly through your mouth, making sure to clear your mind and focus on the feeling of the breaths. This might sound simple, but it can produce amazing results. How long you perform this exercise is up to you.




Nadi Shodhana – The Alternating Nostril Breathing


This is another potential technique to try when feeling worried, but it can also be great for fatigue and giving you a much needed energy boost. It also lowers the heart rate, leaving you feeling tranquil. It is also probably the most tricky technique we have covered.


Cover your right nostril, and then inhale deeply and slowly through your left. Once your inhale has reached its peak, block your left nostril and exhale calmly through your right nostril. Once you have fully exhaled, take another deep breath through your right nostril before blocking it and repeating the process over again.

10 Best Online Shopping Sites I Wish I Knew Earlier

More and more people are opting to buy online these days. The convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere coupled with unbeatable prices, who won’t be lured to buy online? No wonder, thousand of new sites selling products and services hit the World Wide Web every day. By offering good prices and a nice, easily navigable site, any online business is likely to win over new customers. Add to that good products and the ability to deliver them efficiently and you get a wonderful way to conveniently shop from your desk- or laptop without the need to leave your home.


Some of the best online shopping sites I wish I knew earlier are –
1.         Travelocity – a fantastic online travel agency which is based in Dallas, Texas. Its savings all along the way with Travelocity, and if you’re looking for a getaway make sure to use a Travelocity promo code because then you’re in line for excellent deals. Excellent rates on hotel bookings, flights and rental cars.


  1. Natural Healthy Living – Going green is the buzzword these days and for all good reasons. For anyone tired of antibiotics and polluting the body and the environment, Natural Healthy Living provides information and products for those looking for natural alternatives, reducing their carbon footprints, and for those wanting to go green.
  2. The Alzheimer’s Association – how I wish I’d known about this site before my mom died of this disease. They are a leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care and research.

    4. Adventuresports Online – as leaders in the Outdoor Industry, they offer a wide choice of directories to connect you to highly qualified outdoor enthusiasts – the perfect place for product and service branding and to be visited by cross-marketed traffic. Heaps of sporty information available.

  3. SimplyHired – one of the largest professionally managed Recruitment sites offering jobs in many different languages and also from 24 different countries. Job seekers can search for job listings by keyword and location to find jobs that interest them.

    6. – an American e-commerce company and the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. A fantastic way to buy furniture, toys, jewelry, clothings and even food at reasonable prices and have them delivered to your door.

  4. Storytellers for Good – is a great place to find inspirational reading from journalists and photographers and is an effort to bring optimism and change into the world.


  1. Goodstuffonline – people with a passion for conscious food and lifestyle choices that promote all round good health, bringing natural, organic products to those with specific needs.



  1. – an awesome online music and audiobook store. With your monthly subscription you can download a certain number of tracks to your MP3 player each month.


  1. Drug-Free World – excellent information about the devastating effects of drugs from this nonprofit public benefit corporation that empowers people about every aspect of drugs.


These websites are a wonderful source of information to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Renter’s Insurance

Insurance protects you from most of the bad things which can happen to you even though you never expect it. There are a huge number of things which you cannot control; even when you know the place that you live in inside out. It is very important for you to safeguard your property and belongings by means of a renter’s insurance, since it will give you financial protection for property loss or damage. This is especially true when you are the tenant of a rented property.


So, if you are still in any doubt, here are the ten reasons why you should get renter’s insurance as soon as possible:

Anticipate Replacement of Stolen Items

Renter’s insurance will provide you with cash benefits for you to replace lost items, since in a typical two bedroom apartment the total value of clothing, electronics, and other belongings may add up to around 30 thousand or 40 thousand dollars.

Extended Fire Damage

If your property is on fire and then it spreads to the neighbor’s building, you will also be held liable for the damages caused in all of the other buildings around you. It is definitely going to be costly, so make sure you have this probability covered by your insurance policy even though it means paying a few dollars more.

Extended Theft Coverage

Extended theft coverage refers to a condition where an insurance policy can be used to cover stolen items which are not directly inside your rented space, such as in your car or your unoccupied building.

Frozen Systems

Systems such as the water sprinklers, plumbing, and air conditioning system may freeze due to low temperatures, causing damages to your valuable appliances. You can also get your insurance policy to cover these matters, and it may be best for you to do so because you never know what will happen next.

Guest Protection Against Your Pets

As expected, you will be held liable for compensation when your guests are accidentally bitten by your pet during their stay at your place. Some states require you to automatically compensate your guest in such cases, but you can prevent this from happening by getting a renter’s insurance. The renter’s insurance will cover such personal accidental injury and also other accidental injuries experienced within your rented property.

Natural Disasters

You as the tenant bear the obligation to fix any property damage caused by natural disasters like a storm, tornado or wildfire. If your property is vulnerable to these kinds of risk, you should check whether or not they are covered by the renter’s insurance policy. A number of renter’s insurance policy allows holders to purchase riders for covering property damage caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and even volcanic eruptions.

Sewer Drainage Damage

Damage in the sewer drainage may cause overflowing water, which sooner or later may cause damages to other property as well. You can fix the clog by yourself, or you can choose to add a few more dollars to your insurance policy to get an additional coverage for the sewer drainage damage.

Short-Circuit Fire Damage

If there is a fire caused by a faulty electrical wiring, you as the tenant may be held liable because it proves that you are being negligent for your property as well as the damaged part of your house. If it is caused by your guests misusing electronic devices then you will be off hook, but better be safe than sorry. Make sure that your renter’s insurance policy covers fire damages caused by short circuits.

Temporary Hotel Stay

In some cases, certain events may cause your guests to leave your rented property and stay in a hotel temporarily. If this happens and it is contained within your insurance policy coverage, your insurance company will give you a refund on that (though may be limited to a certain amount).

Unintentional Damages

Your insurance company can help you cover costs in unexpected damages like occurred from overflowing water from the laundry machine, accidentally falling items, breaking glass, to the damage in the sofa and carpet which are caused by you as the tenant. Make sure that these are covered in your insurance policy and you can simply call the insurance company up to have it fixed or restored.




Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do

Google is life. It is so important for our daily activities that we do not even consider other search engines when we have the urge to research something. “Google” itself has transformed into a verb – when you want to know about something, you “Google” it. However, aside from its amazing search feature followed by the email service and maps, these are other functions of Google that you may not know of, but will be thankful to know later.


A Symbol Translator

Trying to read a language which uses something other than alphabetical letters will be very difficult, as they contain a whole different set of characters and symbol. You may think that typing it up into the Google Translate box will be problematic as well, however worry no more because Google Translate actually has a feature for you to draw the character for it to translate. Just click on the pencil button in the bottom of the box, and draw the symbol in the notepad window which will appear subsequently. Google will detect the language automatically and then translate it to you instantly.

Calculate Share and Tips

Google will assist you determine your share of the tab, which includes the tip when you are having a dinner with your friends. This will make things much simpler, as you do not have to tell the server to draw up separate tabs for the purpose of individually getting your share.

Compare Calories

Google will be your best diet buddy as it helps you to watch your caloric intake by showing differences of content between two foods. Simply type “the first food vs the second food” and hit enter. Google will give you a table which includes each food’s nutritional values which will help you plan out your meals throughout the week.

Display Scores

Be it a soccer match in Europe or a hockey match in Canada, you just have to put the name of the competition or which league it is on in Google’s search box, and the score will be automatically shown as a result. If there is no match at the time, it will automatically gather the league’s or competition’s games schedule for that day.

Explore the Universe

Ever wondered how will it feel like to be an astronaut out there surrounded by the quietness of the space and the tranquility of the universe, Google Sky provides you the opportunity to see what it really looks like out in the universe through its vivid pictures of numerous constellations.

Fonts Downloader

Make use of Google Fonts to download all types of fonts in different languages such as Arabic or Hebrew. Once the language is selected, Google Fonts also provide you with the options of changing the font’s slant, width and thickness before you are given the option to download it. Pretty simple but useful for you creative people who are having no more of the classic Times New Roman font.

Keeps You On Schedule

Google also works as a timer. Choose Google’s timer option and you can move on to another tab. When the time is up, the Google Timer will notify you through its sound. This function is very useful for people who stay in front of the computer all day long and having trouble in keeping time, since the reminder is pretty much attached to the same program so there is no reason for you to not set it at all.

Plan Weddings

You got this right. Instead of hiring an expensive and perhaps unnecessary wedding organizer, why not just plan your big day with Google? Google wedding planner allows you to keep all of your wedding plans and information organized neatly, as well as allowing you to share news, maintain your budget and most importantly create a website which will showcase all of the beautiful moments created throughout the whole event.

Smarty Pins

Great for all geography maniacs, Smarty Pins is a game which will test you on various topics, ranging from arts, culture, entertainment as well as history with the help of Google Maps. Suitable for all ages, it will help you to go through a boring waiting time, or just for a quick break at work.

World Arts Viewer

As traveling all around the world definitely will cost you a fortune, you can use up the chance of touring in some of the most well known art galleries located all around the world on your bed while enjoying your weekend by using The Google Art Project. Only a few clicks away for you arts enthusiasts, you can gaze at amazing arts and murals from Crafts Museum of New Delhi, and the next second may proceed to another one such as the Cassino Museo Arte Contemporanea in Cassino, Italy.








13 Reasons Why Couples Who Read Together, Stay Together

How does the usual night date look? You go to a restaurant, you chat, you take a small walk and then you go back home. Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring. Instead, you should opt for that funnier, way more sensual activity that most do know of: reading together.


Beyond being a brain enhancing, stress relieving activity, reading books can be also the perfect way to spend time with the person you love. Reading together with your partner can make the relationship last. According to psychologists, going on a magic journey with your lover every time you read books together will build a steady, fulfilling relationship. Here are 13 reasons why you should do this on a regular basis.

Stay healthy

Lovers are concerned with each other’s health for sure. Reading enhances multiple brain functions, reducing the risks of developing Alzheimer’s. An active brain means increased creativity, sharpness and boosted cognitive functions.

Common interests

Sharing the same interests is the number one rule of a great relationship. The lack of communication is the most feared enemy of a marriage. Having nothing to talk about except money, jobs and kids would ruin everything you both have struggled so hard to achieve. Interesting conversation topics will strengthen the existing emotional and spiritual bonds between the two.

Stay away from technology

Technology is extremely useful when used wisely. However, nowadays people overlook on the fact that too much exposure to artificial light from electronic devices strains the eyes and the brain. Lack of focus, insomnia and even low level anxiety are only a few long-term health risks you are exposed to. Reading books on tablets or ereaders may be budget-friendly, but experts recommend traditional books with physical pages.

Improve your vocabulary

Being able to understand more complex ideas and having a wider vocabulary will broaden one’s horizons, making him see things in perspective. This is especially valuable for those aiming for managerial positions.

Get to know each other better

Reading though provoking books with your partner can highlight his intelligence, which can reveal a very intriguing side of him that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to notice with ease. Intelligence is extremely sexy after all.


Constant intellectual growth is the only way to acquire a better understanding of the world we live in.


We live busy times these days. How often do you take a break and enjoy a few relaxing, intensely romantic moments with your spouse? Just leave everyday problems aside and start reading together.

Balanced way of living

We need to strike a balance between career and personal time in order to achieve that perfect life we all dream of. What can be more exciting than cuddling in bed after having some thoughtful discussions on what you have previously read?

It’s fun

Most couples prefer watching TV, but they are not aware of how arousing reading together in an intimate setting is.

Financial success

It may seem weird, but reading books on economics is something worth considering. It can offer a great insight into the future as well as allowing both of you to overcome financial problems.

Stress reliever

The more time you spend in a stressful environment, the more harm you do to your body. Reading with your wife or girlfriend after working long hours, sharing thoughts and impressions can help you blow off some steam.

Reading outdoors

It is probably one of the most romantic summer experiences you can ever have. Do not forget to take a book with you when going to picnic.

It’s therapy

Basically doing everything with your significant other, form drinking to travelling, will teach you what true happiness is.

11 Situations Where You Need A Lawyer (And 3 Where You Don’t)

If you ever find yourself charged with any criminal of civil offense, the best thing to do is to consult an attorney. Bear in mind that jumping into conclusions and putting the law in your own hands is never a good idea. There are lawyers who provide free consultations; you just need to find one. Lawyers will have the knowledge and capacity to determine the next move you have to take. Below are the 11 situations which you need to know in order to ascertain yourself that you need a lawyer.


Discrimination Or Wrongful Work Termination

The state and federal laws will apply in this case, thus, no average person will be able to understand it nor will he solve his case. There are lawyers who specialize in this field.


Whether it is a complex, simple, or nasty divorce, you should always have to consult an attorney to make things valid and binding. When you have issues relating child custody arrangements, debt, support, savings, investments, and property, a lawyer is definitely needed.

Law Suits

If someone sues you and there will be consequences that you will lose a good deal money, a lawyer will come in handy and he will straighten your path. Although most lawsuits are settled out of the parameters of the court, you will still need a tough negotiator. An attorney surely fits for this job.

Drug Charges

People who hire specialized lawyers normally fare better compared to those who only take public defenders.

Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

DUI has become a serious charge nowadays because numerous individuals are caught committing these acts. The consequences for DUI are fines, loss of license, jail time, or a combination of all 3. As long as you are not willing to accept the imposed penalty, you should be ready to go to court with a lawyer.

Injury Due To Car Accident

If you are inflicted with an injury in an accident that is not due to your fault, the insurance company of the person who is at fault will be the one made responsible for the expenses and injuries. Thus, it is important that you have an attorney when you settle your claims with the insurance company so as to protect your rights and interests and that you will be properly compensated. There are certain laws that only attorneys can understand, this is why getting a lawyer is needed.

Wills And Trusts

When it comes to these matters, an acquiring the services of an attorney is really important because in making a will or trusts, certain technicalities or requisites are needed to be complied in order for it to be valid and binding.

Criminal Charges

Criminal charges are the most common offenses wherein people know that they need a lawyer since they know that will be jailed if all things will not go as what they expected.

Business Startups

A lawyer is needed here so that you will have someone to guide you along the process, especially when it comes to the legalities and scams.


In this case, you will need a lawyer so that somebody will have to know and determine whether or not your payments are made consonance with the provisions of the law.

Disability And Other Workmen’s Claim

Normally, claims are being rejected or denied on their first time. Thus, it is important that you acquire the services of a lawyer so that you will be guided with the technicalities and requirements to get the claim.

Instances When You Don’t Need Such Services

Uncontested Lawsuits

Once lawsuits have been filed and you do not want to contest it, no lawyer is needed since you just need to settle things out with the other party.

Traffic Tickets

This is a simple violation of the law wherein you can just go over to the appropriate authority, pay the fine, and get your license.

Small Claims

Since it does not involve large sums of money, a lawyer is not needed.