10 Signs You’re Probably Addicted to Your Smartphone (and How to Fight Back)

A vast majority of people from all around the globe own a smartphone. Technological advancement made our lives easier. We can get in touch with relatives living thousands of miles away in an instant, we are able to find the route no matter how far from civilization we are and we carry out hundreds of work-related activities with the aid of a single electronic device: the smartphone.


However, overuse of technology can damage your health considerably. Smartphone addiction is a very serious issue, especially because more and more cases are reported each month. But how can you figure out if you are addicted to your mobile phone? Here are ten signs that indicate smartphone obsession.

1.You use your phone even in the bathroom.

  1. You feel anxious if you don’t check your phone every 5 minutes.
  2. If the battery runs out, it will ruin your day.
  3. Nervousness sets in if the phone stops working.
  4. Your self-esteem suffers if you don’t receive enough likes and comments.
  5. You spend more time staring at the screen than looking around you.
  6. You can’t resist the temptation of staying up to date with the latest news on social media platforms.
  7. You take a lot of selfies every day.
  8. If you forget your smartphone at home, you panic.
  9. You lose track of time due to your mobile phone. Because of this fact, you are always late for important meetings.

If you experience the symptoms described above, it’s time to take action. Like any addiction, it has to be treated until it’s too late. The truth is that smartphone obsession is similar to alcoholism or any addiction to drugs. Most would laugh at this assertion, but the devastating impact that smartphone overuse has on one’s day-to-day life is very easy to identify. How often do you see couples going out for a romantic dinner and not talking to each other but staring at their mobile phones? Partying is nothing like it used to be. Nowadays, when they are at a party, young people waste their time taking pictures and posting them online instead of having fun.

In addition, overexposure to artificial light produced by electronic devices strains the eyes and harms the brain. Among long term effects we can count: fatigue, incapacity for focus, anxiety, depression, suicidal feelings and mind fog. Going too far will take a toll on your body for sure.

What can you do?

Here are some incredibly useful pieces of advice to help you fight this addiction.

Keep your phone shut down

The number of people killed or wounded severely in car accidents due to texting while driving is incredibly high. Since owning a smartphone became the norm, most individuals are not concerned anymore with their safety so they pay the price for their childish, reckless behaviour.

In addition, smartphones can cause social anxiety and even affect you on a professional level. Just remember how you strived in order to land a highly paid job and now everything is at risk because of you can’t control your actions.

Real life is beautiful

Virtual friends mean nothing. Because of mobile phones we forget about small pleasures such as admiring a breath-taking sight with your significant other or sharing some thoughts with an old friend while having a cup of coffee.

Also, when the person in front of you is talking, he will certainly get offended if you keep peeking at the mobile phone. This insulting behaviour will damage your relationships.

Don’t neglect sleep

Sleep deprivation among people aged between 14 and 40 is very common. Studies indicate that in order to get a good night’s sleep, you should turn off any artificial light sources (TV, laptop, smartphone) 2 hours before going to bed. Sleep quality decreases if you tire your eyes due to intense use. Long term effects of pushing your eyes and brain to the limit include insomnia and eye fatigue. Medications prescribed by doctors as a treatment for insomnia are very expensive and harmful. Sleeping pills are known to induce suicidal feelings and brain fog.

Change your routine

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Exactly! You grab your smartphone and check your Facebook and Twitter accounts, even before hopping out of the bed. It takes up to half an hour to sift through all the social media notifications, which can turn your whole schedule upside down.

To sum up, finding the mental strength to put an end to checking your smartphone compulsively is what matters most.

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