10 Wedding Ideas That Let You Geek Out On Your Big Day

For some people, a romantic, all-white wedding with pastel colored bridesmaid’s gown is a fairytale ending coming true. Others, wanting a stand-out and memorable weddings, may choose to embrace their inner geek and let it all out during the Big Day.


If you are one of them, these wedding ideas will let your inner geek out without spoiling the day:

A Costume Play Wedding

It may be you or it may be your significant other – but if you are a devoted comic or science fiction lover, then a costume play wedding ceremony may make your once in a lifetime experience to be greater than ever. Have the brides and grooms to dress as their favorite character, or if not, have the bridesmaids and best men as well as the guest to leave their suits and gowns home, and play with costumes! If you still cannot picture it, here is an example of a Flintstone costume play wedding.

Personalized Geeky Wedding Cake

Instead of the old and boring three-tiered wedding cake with flower decorations on top, a personalized wedding cake which can be in the shape of either your favorite character, your favorite game scene or even in the shape of your favorite comic book may represent you and your significant other better!

Code & Programming Themed Wedding Invitation

If you are into IT or programming and if you believe that all people should know the beauty of programming language even though only a small number of them actually understand, then you may share your interest by creating a programming themed wedding invitation, although do not make it to hard or else they will not understand it.

Mathematical Equation Wedding Rings

There is nothing more romantic than having sin^2(x) and cos^2(x) written as you and your partner’s ring engraving. Other people may raise their eyebrows and ask “why?”. Why, you said, because sin^2(x) + cos^2(x) = 1 and the excitement and understanding of the concept is exactly why you love your partner more than everything else in the world.

Chemical Bonds Table Cards

Because having a simple table card with only the name of guests and their allotted seat will never satisfy the geek out of you. Incorporating science into the smallest bits of detail, including chemistry table cards, will make you not only look smarter but it will also bring a smile to your guest’s face because it is just so so science-y.

Periodic Tables Seating Chart

Save the time to write all of your guests’ full name into a card, and write only their initials instead! To make things even more interesting, place a “periodic table of tables” in the entrance of the reception area and let your guests know about which initials are designated for them.

Game Themed Pre-wedding Photograph

If your family will never ever accept the concept of a costume play wedding, incorporating your favorite games into your pre-wedding photograph may become a solution. Your pre-wedding photographs will still bring the geeky atmosphere alive, but avoids the overwhelming preparation that your family or guests may have to go through to be involved in a full blown costume party.

Dragon or Alien Themed Feast

Maximize your guest’s geeky experience by letting them eat what looks like (or even tastes like) foods which are coming from fantasy land. Talk to your catering or food service about adding a little dash of creativity and serve Dragon or Alien themed feast.

Fantasy Land Background Music

Do you have a specific music piece from your favorite game or animation which will be the perfect background music for your wedding as Kingdom Hearts players may directly remember the song ‘Sanctuary’? Then go for it!

Princess Leia Flower Girls

Hardcore Star Wars fans, this one is for you! Instead of dressing your flower girls with the usual bouncy satin gowns and flower crowns on top, Princess Leia will definitely be an option. This style will also work as the bride herself if a full blown Star Wars wedding is to be carried out, however if not then it will be suitable for either the flower girls or the bridesmaids.

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