13 Reasons Why Couples Who Read Together, Stay Together

How does the usual night date look? You go to a restaurant, you chat, you take a small walk and then you go back home. Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring. Instead, you should opt for that funnier, way more sensual activity that most do know of: reading together.


Beyond being a brain enhancing, stress relieving activity, reading books can be also the perfect way to spend time with the person you love. Reading together with your partner can make the relationship last. According to psychologists, going on a magic journey with your lover every time you read books together will build a steady, fulfilling relationship. Here are 13 reasons why you should do this on a regular basis.

Stay healthy

Lovers are concerned with each other’s health for sure. Reading enhances multiple brain functions, reducing the risks of developing Alzheimer’s. An active brain means increased creativity, sharpness and boosted cognitive functions.

Common interests

Sharing the same interests is the number one rule of a great relationship. The lack of communication is the most feared enemy of a marriage. Having nothing to talk about except money, jobs and kids would ruin everything you both have struggled so hard to achieve. Interesting conversation topics will strengthen the existing emotional and spiritual bonds between the two.

Stay away from technology

Technology is extremely useful when used wisely. However, nowadays people overlook on the fact that too much exposure to artificial light from electronic devices strains the eyes and the brain. Lack of focus, insomnia and even low level anxiety are only a few long-term health risks you are exposed to. Reading books on tablets or ereaders may be budget-friendly, but experts recommend traditional books with physical pages.

Improve your vocabulary

Being able to understand more complex ideas and having a wider vocabulary will broaden one’s horizons, making him see things in perspective. This is especially valuable for those aiming for managerial positions.

Get to know each other better

Reading though provoking books with your partner can highlight his intelligence, which can reveal a very intriguing side of him that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to notice with ease. Intelligence is extremely sexy after all.


Constant intellectual growth is the only way to acquire a better understanding of the world we live in.


We live busy times these days. How often do you take a break and enjoy a few relaxing, intensely romantic moments with your spouse? Just leave everyday problems aside and start reading together.

Balanced way of living

We need to strike a balance between career and personal time in order to achieve that perfect life we all dream of. What can be more exciting than cuddling in bed after having some thoughtful discussions on what you have previously read?

It’s fun

Most couples prefer watching TV, but they are not aware of how arousing reading together in an intimate setting is.

Financial success

It may seem weird, but reading books on economics is something worth considering. It can offer a great insight into the future as well as allowing both of you to overcome financial problems.

Stress reliever

The more time you spend in a stressful environment, the more harm you do to your body. Reading with your wife or girlfriend after working long hours, sharing thoughts and impressions can help you blow off some steam.

Reading outdoors

It is probably one of the most romantic summer experiences you can ever have. Do not forget to take a book with you when going to picnic.

It’s therapy

Basically doing everything with your significant other, form drinking to travelling, will teach you what true happiness is.

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