Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do

Google is life. It is so important for our daily activities that we do not even consider other search engines when we have the urge to research something. “Google” itself has transformed into a verb – when you want to know about something, you “Google” it. However, aside from its amazing search feature followed by the email service and maps, these are other functions of Google that you may not know of, but will be thankful to know later.


A Symbol Translator

Trying to read a language which uses something other than alphabetical letters will be very difficult, as they contain a whole different set of characters and symbol. You may think that typing it up into the Google Translate box will be problematic as well, however worry no more because Google Translate actually has a feature for you to draw the character for it to translate. Just click on the pencil button in the bottom of the box, and draw the symbol in the notepad window which will appear subsequently. Google will detect the language automatically and then translate it to you instantly.

Calculate Share and Tips

Google will assist you determine your share of the tab, which includes the tip when you are having a dinner with your friends. This will make things much simpler, as you do not have to tell the server to draw up separate tabs for the purpose of individually getting your share.

Compare Calories

Google will be your best diet buddy as it helps you to watch your caloric intake by showing differences of content between two foods. Simply type “the first food vs the second food” and hit enter. Google will give you a table which includes each food’s nutritional values which will help you plan out your meals throughout the week.

Display Scores

Be it a soccer match in Europe or a hockey match in Canada, you just have to put the name of the competition or which league it is on in Google’s search box, and the score will be automatically shown as a result. If there is no match at the time, it will automatically gather the league’s or competition’s games schedule for that day.

Explore the Universe

Ever wondered how will it feel like to be an astronaut out there surrounded by the quietness of the space and the tranquility of the universe, Google Sky provides you the opportunity to see what it really looks like out in the universe through its vivid pictures of numerous constellations.

Fonts Downloader

Make use of Google Fonts to download all types of fonts in different languages such as Arabic or Hebrew. Once the language is selected, Google Fonts also provide you with the options of changing the font’s slant, width and thickness before you are given the option to download it. Pretty simple but useful for you creative people who are having no more of the classic Times New Roman font.

Keeps You On Schedule

Google also works as a timer. Choose Google’s timer option and you can move on to another tab. When the time is up, the Google Timer will notify you through its sound. This function is very useful for people who stay in front of the computer all day long and having trouble in keeping time, since the reminder is pretty much attached to the same program so there is no reason for you to not set it at all.

Plan Weddings

You got this right. Instead of hiring an expensive and perhaps unnecessary wedding organizer, why not just plan your big day with Google? Google wedding planner allows you to keep all of your wedding plans and information organized neatly, as well as allowing you to share news, maintain your budget and most importantly create a website which will showcase all of the beautiful moments created throughout the whole event.

Smarty Pins

Great for all geography maniacs, Smarty Pins is a game which will test you on various topics, ranging from arts, culture, entertainment as well as history with the help of Google Maps. Suitable for all ages, it will help you to go through a boring waiting time, or just for a quick break at work.

World Arts Viewer

As traveling all around the world definitely will cost you a fortune, you can use up the chance of touring in some of the most well known art galleries located all around the world on your bed while enjoying your weekend by using The Google Art Project. Only a few clicks away for you arts enthusiasts, you can gaze at amazing arts and murals from Crafts Museum of New Delhi, and the next second may proceed to another one such as the Cassino Museo Arte Contemporanea in Cassino, Italy.









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