8 Tips For Becoming A More Confident Public Speaker

Some people who are born with having stage fright consider public speaking as worse than watching any horror movie. It is worse than having a nightmare, especially when they think that they are speaking in front of a million crowds. However, the noteworthy thought to remember is that the fear of public speaking is so deeply ingrained in the mind that even though it is tough to remove, there is always a great possibility that it can be removed.


Here are the top 8 tips I can think of in becoming more confident when speaking in public.


Practice Makes Perfect


No one can defeat a person who is prepared at every outcome and had practiced for a very long period. You need to practice, practice, and practice, your speech or what you are about to relay to the people when you are already on stage. Don’t be too confident because you know you are intelligent. A well-practiced and prepared person can defeat an intelligent person in just a split of second.


What Do I Really Fear? And Why?


A lot of people experience fear in public speaking primarily because of it. In order to control and remove it from your system, it is important that you are able to determine what it is. Whether you are afraid that people will throw tomatoes at you, afraid of being judged, or afraid of being laughed at, you still need to know what you really fear the most. Once you determine it, learn how to overcome and phase it out.


Try To Get Your Audience Laughing


Getting your audience to laugh will ease your fear because you know that you are doing well and that you and the audience have a connection. Strike a joke once in a while so as not to bore your audience. Lighten up the atmosphere and try to keep your act altogether.


Act Naturally


When you are practicing, you need to control your emotions and learn to act naturally. Acting naturally will lessen your fears and help you improve your speech. Imagine that you are just talking to a group of friends or your family. Just remember not to feel too much at home.


In public speaking, acting differently will only make things worse because once you are lost from your track; it will be hard for you to know what’s next.


Stress Material And Music


If you are a music person, you can listen to your favorite music before you go stage. By doing this, your mind will be relaxed and you can focus more on what you are about to say or do. However, if you are not fond of listening to music, you can always bring something that can relieve you from stress. It is either a stress ball or a person whom you feel comfortable with.




Never stray away from your thoughts or material. Once you have control over your fear, make sure that you won’t get lost in the middle of your speech. Focus on the things you need to speak next. Pay attention to yourself, as well as your audience.


Prepare. Prepare. Prepare


Nothing worse will happen if you prepare. There might be some glitches along the way, but you will still be able to control it because you already prepared for it. Determining the effects or consequences of the acts you are about to do will make you feel confident.


Dress For Success


Few people might know that dressing for the occasion can build up your confidence. Well, it is definitely true. Once you are dressed for the occasion, you will notice that your confidence will boost up. Also, it will remove the worry from your mind that people will judge you because of the dress you are wearing.












How To Save Money As A Freelancer – And Really Prepare For Retirement


Being a freelancer has its highs and lows. Instead of having a steady income which is paid per month, freelancers often find difficulties in managing their money because they need to do so many things at once. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, being a freelancer actually requires a higher level of management and most of the time stronger effort even though it may seem to other people that freelancers are very free and casual in doing their jobs. A freelancer has to find their own clients, and as a result, the workload may be unpredictable. Some days a freelancer may be given so many projects that they can barely sleep for weeks, but during some other days, they may receive no work at all which leaves them no option but to spend the money from their savings account in order to survive. Since being a freelancer is financially less secure than a traditional job, here are some tips on how to save money as a freelancer and really prepare for retirement:


Set Up Emergency Savings


Since the financial security of a freelancer is less predictable and less secure compared to full-time employed people, it is very important for you to set up emergency savings to help cover your expenses in any times that you cannot work and even to pay things out during in-between paychecks. It is recommended that freelancers prepare for three to six months worth of essential living expenses, which includes accommodation expenses, transportation, groceries expenses, utilities payments and debt money in their emergency savings.


If you have more than six months worth of essential living expenses saved up, it may be best for you to allocate the surplus into an investment account. This is beneficial because a year’s worth of living expenses, for instance, is a large sum of money and by letting it to stay in a regular bank account you will earn very little to no interest at all. Since one of the benefits of being a freelancer means that you are more flexible in choosing your income sources, therefore as a result you are faced with very little risk of job loss because you will always be able to find new projects to finance your expenses.


In addition, another important factor to consider in determining how much money that you as a freelancer should put into your emergency savings account would be your partner’s job, if you have one, and whether or not you have dependents which you should also take into account. If your partner is employed with a full time job, your savings will be sufficient for a longer period of time. The amount which is sufficient for six month worth of living expenses if you were single will be enough to cover nine or ten months if you are also supported by your full-time employed partner. If you do not have an extra system of support however you are also responsible for your dependents, for instance children, then you must also consider their needs when calculating your emergency savings account. If you have children, you should take into account their school tuition fees or medical needs which should be readily available when you need to pay for them.


Setting up a specific account for emergency expenses will also help you to really prepare for retirement. If you only save up for retirement, there is a big chance that you will be ended up using a large portion of your retirement money when there is an urgent emergency which is quite costly. Since most freelancers work without obtaining the benefits that full time employed people usually get, which includes healthcare insurance benefits, therefore they should also be more prepared in getting ready for the worst scenario possible.


Open An Individual Retirement Arrangement


Really preparing the retirement itself can be highly challenging even to the best of freelancers. Ideally, you should put aside a significant share of your income to be put towards your retirement account. How significant the amount is would depend to each person, but on average 10% or 20% of your income would suffice for that purpose.


If you think that it is hard for you to commit to setting aside 10% or 20% of your income by yourself, then you should consider to set up your own retirement arrangement. There are several options of individual retirement arrangements which you may choose depending on your location. If you live in the United States, you can mainly choose between a traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) or a Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement. A traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement is established under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act by which it allows you to invest money for your retirement using a post-tax savings plan. The main difference between a traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement with the Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement would lie in its taxing system. In the Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement, your money will grow tax-free in which you will already have paid the taxes on the money that you put into.


Both the traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement and Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement have its own advantages and disadvantages, and what may work for others may not be suitable for you. If you are still considerably young and active, you are flexible to choose both the Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement and the traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement. However, there is an age limit of 70 and a half years old set in order for you to be able to contribute to the traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement. In both the traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement and the Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement, the amount which you can contribute to both Individual Retirement Arrangement cannot exceed the total income which you earn annually, and it cannot exceed the IRS imposed limits. However, a Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement adds another provision to its income restrictions namely that your contribution can be reduced and even be eliminated based on your modified adjusted gross income. Furthermore, if you choose the option of Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement, you will not be able to claim your contribution as a deduction on your tax return while in the traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement it is possible for you to be able to deduct portion of your contributions from your tax return.


Considering the perks of each Individual Retirement Arrangements, a Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement may be more beneficial if you are considerably younger and is still a long time away from your retirement since in the Roth scheme you will pay the taxes on your contribution now but not when you withdraw the money during your retirement years. What makes the Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement scheme more preferred by younger people would be its flexible withdrawal system. In the Roth scheme, you will be able to withdraw your contributions at any time, although not the earnings, without being subjected to any penalty or fine. You can, later on, withdraw your earnings and not pay taxes for it when you have reached the five years holding period or when you have surpassed the age of 59 and a half. Therefore, choosing to establish a Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement can actually serve as a second layer of your emergency backup savings. In the traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement scheme, you will not be paying your taxes now however you will have to pay the taxes on withdrawals. However, the traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement scheme is suitable for you if you expect to receive a lower tax bracket in your retirement years. Bear in mind that each of the Individual Retirement Arrangement is subject to income limits, and choose the best one that is suitable for you and your family.


Prepare For Other Miscellaneous Expenses


If you still have extra money that you do not want to spend or use for any of your needs, you may establish a small savings account to prepare for small financial unexpected needs. Every once in a while, you may need to pay for an unexpected car damage or to pay for the doctor’s fee for your beloved family members. However, this small savings account must be distinguished from what is truly your emergency savings account, which prepares you for major and significant emergencies instead of small financial bumps like what were previously mentioned. Keep a low one thousand or two thousand dollars in this small savings account, and you will be good to go. If it is difficult for you to provide such an amount in the small savings account, stashing one hundred dollars every one or two months will already be extremely useful. However much you can put into it, you will be grateful for this small savings account when something actually comes up while you are still waiting for your next paycheck. Even if you are not likely to experience such emergencies because you may not have any dependents or assets that need regular maintenance, you can still save up the money for traveling or to purchase something significantly costly when you want to.


5 Positive Mindsets That You Should Have To Get Over A Breakup

Remember how you and your partner used to go hiking each winter? Or the late night walks on the sea-shore? Or the times when you wrote poetry together? It was so romantic. And now it’s all gone. You broke up. Such a painful event is hard to let go of, especially if the relationship was lengthy. During that time, both parties involved have invested emotions and have made sacrifices for each other, but, for different reasons, it all came to an end eventually.


When you go through a regrettable situation, whether it’s breakup or anything similar, you start blaming yourself for your incapacity to change the outcome. As a consequence, you are left struggling with low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and helplessness. However, in order to speed up the healing process and regain happiness, you need to change your perspective on how breakup affects your life. It’s all about having the right attitude. Here are five mindsets that you should have in order to recover from sorrow.

Breakup is a change of direction

Walking down an entirely new path is not necessarily a bad thing. The journey you are about to embark on can be more rewarding than you expect. You just need to let go of negative thoughts and make the best of the terrible situation you’re going through. Use it as a way to make self-improvement occur. A bright future depends solely on forgetting your past.

Don’t even think of giving it another shot

People rarely change. Take a look around you and reflect upon this question: are your friends or even family members significantly different from how they were years ago? You will be led to the conclusion that lasting change can’t be achieved without tons of self-discipline and determination. Taking someone who has walked out on you back is entirely wrong.

Therefore, you should never strive to go back to your old life. We have a tendency to idealize the past, so be aware not to fall into this trap. Instead, embrace the unknown. This is the only way one will be able to lead a meaningful life.

Have respect for his/her decision

Maybe the person who dumped you has made a big mistake, but you need to take into account that you have no control over someone else’s actions. Trying to force a relationship will cause you even more suffering and pain. Love has to flow naturally in both ways in order for a relationship to turn out well.

This breakup doesn’t mean that you are not good enough

Break-ups can make one’s self-confidence shrink. When an individual loses faith in his abilities, both his personal and professional life take a toll. Once you do everything you can in order to stay away from unpredictable situations, you become a less valuable asset to your company.

If your partner broke up with you, it doesn’t mean that you lack exterior beauty, intelligence, skills or anything else. He/she was just unable to understand your qualities properly or was not even interested in doing so. Keep searching and you will definitely find someone who will take the time to appreciate your inner and outer beauty.

Time was not lost

Unhealed emotional wounds could make it hard for you to accurately recall all the great things that your relationship had to offer. In order to convince yourself that the time spent together with your ex was worth it, try to shift focus on the great experiences you went through. You’ll realize that throughout the journey which has just ended, you grew as a person.

Bonus tip: how to relieve stress and anxiety caused by break-up

Research has proven that those people who put pen to paper when they feel low experience profound relaxation and stress relief. Writing down your positive past experiences as well as your future goals will make the anguish slowly fade away.

Meditation is another crucial activity one who wants to get over a breakup should perform. It provides clarity of thought and inner stability.

Also, getting help from your loved ones is nothing to be ashamed of. Talking to a reliable, trustworthy friend can literally do wonders.

To conclude, consider breaking up with your ex life’s way to test your strength. Regard it as an opportunity to grow and things will get better.


5 Wonderful Things Will Happen When You Start Volunteering


Researchers have found that the prevalent style among healthy people who are unhappy and stressed is to sit and mope. Coping by complaining or having a drink might well make you feel better temporarily, but will leave the stress and the unhappiness intact. Doing something good by offering random acts of kindness can be an effective means of treating your depression and unhappiness.


Spread some Magic

It is a known fact that volunteering offers many therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and soul. Just do a little bit of research and you will find that there are thousands of people and animals in distress, living in the most appalling conditions, and by volunteering your help, you can spread some magic and sunshine into their lives.

Here are 5 wonderful things that will happen when you start volunteering –

1.         You learn new skills and even advance your career because if you are volunteering in your field of work, you’ll meet people who are fantastic sources of information about other job openings. You’ll certainly develop new skills and by working at different organizations and taking on different roles, you can gain plenty of experience without job-hopping. With volunteer work on your CV you will be demonstrating to your potential employer that you are committed to the kind of work you are applying for.


  1. Volunteering helps with eliminating depression. Experts say when your thoughts are off yourself and concentrated on someone else, your mood lifts as you see that there are others who are far worse off than you are.

    3. You’ll know for certain you are needed and appreciated. Think of how terrified abandoned and abused animals feel. Everyone of them relies on caring and kind human beings to pat them, feed them and love them. The wag in a dog’s tail when it sees you will make you realize that someone is relying on you for help and this can build up your self esteem. Working with animals is great for people who are shy and have a hard time meeting new people.


  1. If you’re tired of watching on TV program after the next because you claim to have nothing to do, volunteering can help you stay physically healthy.There are volunteer groups that involve themselves with environmental projects on the beach and in parks, and it can be excellent to get up off the couch and join a clean-up on the beach. Your health will benefit and you are guaranteed to have less chronic pain symptoms.
  2. People with disabilities are also able to volunteer. Research shows that adults with disabilities all show vast improvements with ailments such as arthritis and depression after volunteering. Even if they can’t drive, many volunteer their time making use of their computers or a phone.

    There is a time to make things happen, and by deciding to volunteer and do something to help others, you’ll be developing qualities in yourself that others will cherish in you.

Do These 20 Simple Things To Treat Yourself With Love and Kindness

Self-love doesn’t simply refer to buying expensive things meant to provide physical comfort. Sometimes we are so caught up in trying to please others that we completely forget about our own needs. The modern way of living is exhausting and involves being concentrated upon the future, so it’s easy to neglect the present.

Maybe you don’t fit the society’s beauty standards. So what? You shouldn’t hate yourself because of it. It’s very easy to fall prey to depression and suicidal thoughts when you are utterly concerned with what others think of you. Instead, you should put in the necessary effort to learn how to love yourself unconditionally.


If unfortunate past events have left you struggling with low self-esteem, devote all your energy to reaching self-acceptance. Here is a list of 20 tips that those who understand the importance of being kind to themselves should take into account:

1.Take a vacation

Routine is the number one enemy we all have to cope with. Having a routine has its own benefits, but you should break free from it when the monotony becomes unbearable.

2.Get more sleep

The quality of sleep is closely tied to our mood in the morning. Maybe sleep deprivation is the cause of your incapacity to become more self-accepting.

3.Listen to your favorite music

Don’t underestimate the power of music. A series of studies indicate that music therapy is great for reducing anxiety levels as well as improving one’s mood.

4.Throw a party

Do something out of the ordinary: host a party everyone will remember.

5.Play with your pets


Meditation has a profound effect on both physical and mental balance. You get to connect with yourself and let go of fears and insecurities.

7.Surround yourself with nurturing individuals

It isn’t embarrassing to ask for the support of others.

8.Take matters into your own hands

Even the closest friends can let you down. Don’t count on others when it comes to reaching your goals.

9.Understand that you are unique

There’s no point in trying to adapt to society’s expectations.

10.Buy yourself something special

11.Take up a sport

12.Take a long walk

If you take pleasure in admiring Mother Nature, take a walk in the park alone. If the urban landscape appeals more to you, head down the street and don’t stop until you achieve inner calm.

13.Silence your inner critic

When you got a lot on your mind, you cannot judge wisely. Excessive self-criticism is harmful.

14. Have a thought provoking conversation with somebody you don’t know

Such a discussion can shift your perspective on life, happiness and realization.


Enjoying a good book in silence is the ultimate way to release stress and get rid of self-doubt.

16.Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while

17. Call your parents

Ask yourself: how long has it been since you last talked to your parents?

18.Donate money or goods

19.Start a journal

Beyond the obvious beneficial effects it has on the brain, introspective writing will help you find solutions to even the toughest problems.

20.Focus on the positive

Eliminate negative self-talk from your life. Going from pessimistic to optimistic requires self-discipline and determination.



What I Realize as I’m Turning Thirty


Thirty is a pretty decent milestone to reach. It is very exciting, but can also be pretty scary at the same time. The pressures of growing up and becoming an adult are pressing ever closer, and you feel as if you have to leave your care-free days back there in your twenties. No longer will you be forgiven for making common mistakes as you find your way, and it is suggested that you should have done most of your learning by now. However on the other hand many state that life only gets better as you get older, and that entering your thirties is a great experience. So what better time to reflect back and look at what I’ve realised up to this point in my life.


Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health


There is a lot of emphasis put on staying physically fit as we get older, and with good reason. It can have many health related benefits, and can help prevent problems later in life. However I’ve come to realise that mental health is also very important to maintain and exercise, and that both are reliant on one another. Meditating and yoga might not mean that you’ll never have another bad experience in life, but it can help bring a sense of inner calm and improve your mental clarity so that you are better equipped to dealing with these negative experiences, without suffering from excessive stress.


Forget What Others Think


When we were in high school, our daily lives were pretty much dictated by what others may think of us. Even in our twenties it can still be very embarrassing if you commit a faux pas in front of a crowd. However the older I get the more I begin to realise that chances are people only think of you fleetingly, if at all. If they think badly of you, or if you embarrass yourself, big deal. It will only have an effect on you if you let it have an effect on you. Everyone has problems and are too pre occupied to think about you all the time, don’t flatter yourself. Concentrate on the present, not the past.


Don’t Compare Yourself To Others


Even once we have passed the ‘self conscious years’ and care a lot less about what our peers think of us, it is still very difficult not to compare ourselves to others around us. It is so easy to be jealous of other people that we deem to have more than us, or that seem to be happier than us. But the bottom line is dwelling about it and envying them is just a waste of our time. What you are comparing yourself to is probably just an illusion of the other person’s actual self, and they too have their insecurities and problems. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses.


Success Is A Mindset


Finally, one of the most important things that I have come to understand is that success is essentially a mindset and outlook. If you have trained yourself to have a successful mindset, then you will be a success at whatever you choose to do. You need to be goal orientated, motivated, determined, and must be able to deal with failure effectively. Remember that success means different things to different people. So concentrate on what being successful means to you, how you will achieve that goal and accept that a setback is a setup for a comeback. This is one of the greatest lessons you could learn, and I hope it will serve me well for the next decade.

Why It’s Never Too Late To Do Something Great

People in their mid-thirties tend to feel lost and directionless because three decades have passed without having accomplished anything extraordinary. Just like everybody else, they had a specific dream, or at least a vague idea of the goals they want to achieve before getting old. But success didn’t show up. Most of the individuals stuck in this situation live monotonous lives and have lost hope that sooner or later they will do something remarkable.


We constantly hear news about child prodigies and young people who made millions from scratch. Such stories presented on the TV can be very discouraging and can make you feel worthless. However, this article will get you back in good spirits because I will present the simplest path to success and why you should never give up on your goals despite your age.

Change your mindset

In order to debunk the myth that being old limits one’s possibilities to do something great, I made a list of late bloomers who did what some would consider impossible after a certain age.

Neil Armstrong, who was the first person to ever walk on the moon surface, was 38 years old when he was sent to write history. J.K. Rowling, whose books, the Harry Potter series, made her a billionaire, was living off welfare until her early thirties.

Sportsmen and actors make no exception. The misconception that success will never occur if you don’t practice a specific sport from a young age is too deeply rooted in the minds of the majority. Rocky Marciano, the undefeated boxer, has never put the box gloves on until the age of 20. Also, Harrison Ford, whose worldwide fame comes from the role of Han Solo in Star Wars, was a professional carpenter before he was given the first starring film role.

Entrepreneurs are also a great example that one can come up with a revolutionary idea in spite of being old. The inventor of Mc Donald’s, the vastest chain of fast food restaurants on the globe, spent most of his life selling milkshake mixers. At the age of 52 he hit the jackpot.

Coca Cola, Intel, Ford, Walmart, LinkedIn , Sony, Hugo Boss and many other worldwide known brands have been developed by people beyond the age of 30.

You’ve got time

Now that you are up to date with the statistics and you can be entirely sure that age is no impediment for reaching your life goals, let’s see what attitude and routine changes you need to make in order to bring about improvement.

Walking down the long and winding path of success is not for the impatient ones. Planning your next actions carefully is the way to go. Self-doubt is probably the worst enemy that people who face a quarter or mid-life crisis have to deal with. How often do you see people abandoning their life goals because they are afraid to get out of their comfort zones and work hard?

At first glance some obstacles just seem impossible to overcome, but you need to be perseverant. Keep in mind that failure doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road. It can be a priceless experience if you draw the right conclusions from it. Take attitude and put in more effort into pursuing your goals.

To sum up, don’t let insecurity, fear of failure and society’s opinion ruin your dreams. Underestimating your own strengths and skills is not good for your mental wellbeing. All those people who founded top corporations are the proof that age is not a setback when it comes to becoming successful, so there is no reason why you can’t do it too.