Scientists Discover Why You Should Take Off Your Shoes Before Entering Your Home


While it is true that a person’s lifestyle, their nutritional needs, their levels of stress, their mind-set and relationships can influence their wellbeing, there are other areas of life that people look at- and regard as vital towards wellbeing. Scientists have discovered that taking off your shoes before entering your home is no longer something that just the Japanese or Asians should be doing. If you grew up in one of those homes where your grandmother or mother was always yelling at you to take off your shoes before entering the home, and if you always had a box of slippers for inside the house, then know that it is not just a matter of following a tradition but it also good for your health and well-being.


There are a number of logical reasons to leave your shoes at the door before you enter a home, and if you’ve got a beautiful wooden floor, you better follow the tradition as there are some soles and heels which can do damage to your expensive floors.


Nasty Symptoms Caused by Dirty Shoes


Removing shoes before entering a home is regarded as a hygienic practice as by removing your shoes, you leave behind a host of germs and dirt. Researchers have discovered that a huge percentage of shoes carry the ‘C diff’ bacterium and the trouble with this is that it can be spread to other areas of the house like the toilet. A problem with treating a C.diff infection is that it is resistant to most antibiotics which means it can spread quickly. The linings in the intestines are attacked and this results in colitis.

Research has revealed that shoes tested for bacteria were to have more than 420,000 units of bacteria on them, of which 27% was found to be E. Coli as well as there being the presence of Klebsiella pneumonia. The presence of this bacteria indicated contact with fecal material which was likely to come from animal and human feces outdoors. To help keep these germs at bay, some scientists claim that by removing your shoes and leaving them at the door, you avoid these germs invading your home.

A sign of Respect?

Some people just look at it as being respectful. To avoid dragging in dirt from outside, so as to spare the pale carpets of the home you’re visiting, many people will feel that out of respect, it is best to first remove dirty shoes. There are even some marble floors that become tainted by years of walking back and forth on them in shoes.

Scientists say that dirt clings more to your shoes than to your feet and that your carpets and floors will have to endure less wear and tear if you go barefoot. While your bare feet can’t damage your carpet and wooden floors to the extent that your shoes can, many people regard asking people to remove their shoes before entering as an act that will require some adjusting to.


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