5 Ways to Support a Friend Who Is Getting Over a Breakup

Breakup in itself is tough. It eats every single joy and happiness that you seem to have in your hands not so long ago. A breakup is tough not only to the person who just experienced it, but to their friends as well because it can be emotionally and mentally challenging. If you have a friend who needs your support in going through their break-ups, here are a few ways that you can help them out and be a great break-up buddy:


Bring Food or Other Daily Needs Over

One of the most basic things that a heartbroken person seems to neglect is their own well-being. During their sad and emotional time, they may forget to eat, to shop for groceries, to walk their dogs or to drop their dirty clothes to the dry cleaning. One of the most amazing ways that you can be a helpful break-up buddy is by ensuring that your friend’s life is taken care of for the period that he/she needs. It is as simple as bringing a pot of homemade stew or three days supply of milk and cereals that they like.


Know Your Limits

A lot of people often forget that being a break-up buddy requires prime mental and emotional condition. In order to do so, you must know your own limits as to what you can provide to your friend. It is important to be able to say no to certain things that you are not comfortable doing. Furthermore, when you need to take a short break from your break-up buddy duties and get away from their sad phone calls or angry messages, make sure to let your friend know gently but clearly.


Let Them Express Their Feelings

To each their own. Different individuals handle pain and heartbreaks differently and it is important to bear in mind that whatever feeling or action that your friend may have is a valid showcase of their emotion. They may smash a Mercedes with a baseball bat or display reckless behaviors; you should try your best to not dismiss their behavior. On the other hand, you also should not feel that it is your sole responsibility to make them happy. Stay and give whatever support they need, but at the end of the day time will heal almost anything.


Say Words of Encouragement

People tend to stay at home in their pajamas and mindlessly watch television after a break up. They may even skip showers or even seeing the sunlight for a couple of days. Even though this is an important part for their grieving process, as a friend it is also useful that you encourage them to get some fresh air. Even a 30 minutes walk in the park can bring up your heartbroken buddy’s mood. It offers a change of scenery, getting them away from the sad thoughts and feelings that they bottled up at home. If you want to go the extra miles, taking them to a beach or a nearby state park can clear their minds even better.


Take Them To Their Favorite Activities

If you happen to know your friend’s favorite activities, actually taking them to relive their passions may motivate them to move on and live their lives back. If they like basketball, you can take them to a local basketball game where their favorite teams are playing. If they like ice cream, take them to their favorite ice cream shops on the corner of the street. However, when you do this you should also be careful to not take them to places frequently visited by your friend and their exes. Or else, you may experience them breaking down emotionally instead of being motivated.



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